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A Trip to the Moon Trailer (1902)

01 September 1902

A Trip to The Moon is a science fiction film from the French film pioneer Georges Méliès from the year 1902 about a trip to the moon.

Gulliver's Travels Among the Lilliputians and the Giants Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

Georges Méliès' adaptation of Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" is most distinguished, today, for being a color film of the classic story.

The Treasures of Satan Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

The setting of this fantastic scene represents the hall of an old chateau in which a miser has locked up seven large bags containing his wealth.

The Fairy of Spring Trailer (1902)

16 June 1902

It is winter and a couple invites an old woman to eat. The old woman then becomes a fairy and makes the spring appears.

Marvellous Egg Production Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

“This is an absolutely new and extraordinary subject. A juggler takes in succession about a dozen eggs out of his servant's mouth.

Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show Trailer (1902)

01 February 1902

Country rube thinks what he sees on the movie screen is real. He jumps out of his seat to try to stop a kissing scene.

The Burlesque Suicide, No. 2 Trailer (1902)

07 April 1902

A despondent-looking man sits behind a table that holds a drink and a gun. He hesitates, thinks things over, starts to take a drink, and then puts down the glass.

Danses algériennes 1. Danse des Ouléd-Naïd Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

Segundo de Chomón films a belly dancer.

The Interrupted Bathers Trailer (1902)

22 October 1902

Three girls are taking a bath in a quiet, shady spot along a beautiful stream. Another young lady in bathing attire reclines on the bank.

Lord Mayor of Cork Arriving for Official Opening of Cork Exhibition Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

This is one of nine films in the Mitchell and Kenyon collection relating to this momentous exhibition, a key moment in Cork's early 20th century history.

Arrival of Prince Henry (of Prussia) and President Roosevelt at Shooter's Island Trailer (1902)

14 March 1902

Here we show Prince Henry and President Roosevelt walking together up the gangway on Shooters Island, N.

Danseuses Cambodgiennes du roi Norodom. II. Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

The Boys Think They Have One on Foxy Grandpa, But He Fools Them Trailer (1902)

05 May 1902

The boys dance to Grandpa's banjo playing, then indicate that he can't equal their skill. Grandpa gets up and performs an intricate step while still playing the banjo.

Panoramic View Near Mt. Golden on the Canadian Pacific R. R. Trailer (1902)

17 November 1902

Here we present to the audience a subject taken near Mt. Golden, on which will thoroughly please all who are lovers of scenery.

Tram Rides through Nottingham Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

This fascinating record of Edwardian Nottingham was filmed from the driver's platform of a tram on a single journey through the city centre between its two main stations.

Fun in a Bakery Shop Trailer (1902)

10 April 1902

A baker's assistant throws a handful of dough at a rat. The dough sticks to the side of a barrel and the assistant proceeds to sculpt the dough into various faces and shapes.

Starting a Skyscraper Trailer (1902)

14 January 1902

Taken in the immense excavation for the foundation of the new Macy building at the corner of Broadwak

Le couronnement du roi Édouard VII Trailer (1902)

08 August 1902

A re-enactment using actors of the recent coronation of King Edward VII.

Pas de deux Trailer (1902)

11 October 1902

A short dance scene filmed by Danish photographer Peter Elfelt.

The Twentieth Century Tramp; or, Happy Hooligan and His Airship Trailer (1902)

02 January 1902

A comic picture that defies description. It depicts the Twentieth Century up-to-date tramp flying over the chimney tops of New York City in the latest improved flying machine.

An Impossible Balancing Feat Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

A magician along with three doppelgangers perform an elaborate balancing act.

Jack and the Beanstalk Trailer (1902)

20 June 1902

Porter's sequential continuity editing links several shots to form a narrative of the famous fairy tale story of Jack and his magic beanstalk.

President Roosevelt Reviewing the Troops at Charleston Exposition Trailer (1902)

31 October 1902

The President is seen standing in front of the Auditorium on a small platform which was built for the occasion.

Bird's-Eye View of San Francisco, Cal., from a Balloon Trailer (1902)

22 January 1902

Taken while ascending some 2,000 yards into the clouds, and represents a most diversified view of the city of San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Pacific Ocean, and surrounding country for miles.

A Fight with Sledgehammers Trailer (1902)

01 September 1902

Two rival blacksmiths fight over a woman, using sledgehammers.

M. le Président de la République sur la Jetée Promenade Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

The President of France and entourage on a pier's promenade.

Electric Tram Rides from Forster Square, Bradford Trailer (1902)

12 February 1902

Electric Tram Rides from Forster Square, Bradford

Leeds Athletic and Cycling Club Carnival Trailer (1902)

21 October 1902

Leeds Athletic and Cycling Club Carnival

The Magician and the Imp Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

The magician appears upon the stage with an imp as his assistant. The imp holds a piece of cloth in his hand.

The Human Fly Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

This is a moving picture that moves. Positively the greatest magical picture ever offered. A Hindoo magician appears and dances for the entertainment of six pretty maidens.

Sortie de la briqueterie Meffre et Bourgoin, à Hanoï Trailer (1902)

30 October 1902

Asian remake of Employees Leaving the Lumiere Factory, apparently.

The Great Local Derby: Accrington v Church Cricket Match Trailer (1902)

23 December 1902

The Lancashire Cricket League was established in the early 1890s (shortly after the birth of the Football League) to suit the interests of factory workers, and was hugely popular in the county.

Foxy Grandpa and Polly in a Little Hilarity Trailer (1902)

05 May 1902

Foxy Grandpa and Polly was a comic strip upon which husband and wife team Joseph Hart and Carrie DeMar based a musical for the stage.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Trailer (1902)

31 October 1902

An early hand-tinted adaptation of Ali Baba.

Danses cosmopolites à transformation Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

A short dance film in Pathécolor, also know as stencil colouring. The editing cuts correspond with the dancers' costume changes.

Lieutenant Clive Wilson and the Tranby Croft Party Hull Trailer (1902)

31 October 1902

This film is part of the Mitchell and Kenyon collection - an amazing visual record of everyday life in Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Passage en chaises à porteur au col des Nuages (Annam) Trailer (1902)

30 October 1902

A particularly inefficient mode of transportation.

Cattle Market in Derry Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

A film from the UK based Mitchell & Kenyon.

The Speedway Parade Trailer (1902)

01 May 1902

A parade of horses and vehicles on the Speedway, New York.

Babies Rolling Eggs Trailer (1902)

11 April 1902

The Washington Star of April 1st, 1900, gave the following account of the ceremony: "Over 40,000 women and children passed through the White House Gates to-day during the hours set apart for the great National show of Egg Rolling, and when the President stepped on the south front gallery at 4:15 P.

How to Stop a Motorcar Trailer (1902)

01 February 1902

A policeman is run over by an automobile

Panoramic View of Charleston Exposition (South Carolina) Trailer (1902)

17 April 1902

The camera was placed in almost the center of the compound area by the exhibit buildings, and the cameraman began to photograph and pan his camera simultaneously.

Procesión de las hijas de María de la parroquia de Sans Trailer (1902)

31 October 1902

Procession of the Daughters of the Virgin Mary from the Sants Church.

Living Wigan Trailer (1902)

10 December 1902

This vibrant film was shown as part of the Lancashire town's celebrations of Edward VII's coronation.

The Little Match Seller Trailer (1902)

24 December 1902

A short melodrama based on Hans Christian Andersen's harrowing tale. A poor little girl tries to sell matchsticks in the freezing December cold.

The Extraordinary Waiter Trailer (1902)

01 December 1902

A Swiss tourist knocks the head off a negro waiter. (IMDb)

Serpentine Dance by Lina Esbrard Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

Lina Esbrard performs a serpentine dance.

Karina Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

Anonymously directed is Karina (1902), less than half a minute of a vaudeville can-can dancer. She's shown in voluminous skirt hanging to the floor, which she often lifts to reveal her legs & much more in bodysock.

Le char funèbre Trailer (1902)

28 October 1902

An impression of the funeral parade for Victoria, Queen of England, filmed in London (via https://catalogue-lumiere.

Workers Leaving Lee Boot Factory — Dwyer & Co. Ltd., Cork Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

Mitchell and Kenyon's 'factory gate' films are numerous, but this single shot of jovial workers in Great George's Street (now Washington Street) is the only Irish example to survive.

Albert Quay in Cork Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

A film from the UK based Mitchell & Kenyon.

Tram Ride from King Street to Patrick's Bridge, Cork Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

As well as its extensive railway network, Cork was served by an impressive tramway system, which was just four years old when this film was made.

Miss Lina Esbrard, danseuse cosmopolitaine et serpentine Trailer (1902)

26 August 1902

Loading the Ice on Cars, Conveying It Across the Mountains and Loading It Into Boats Trailer (1902)

01 February 1902

Shows how the ice is picked up from the canal and loaded on cars which are hauled across the mountain by cable.

Dewsbury v Manningham Trailer (1902)

17 January 1902

Rugby footage from Mitchell & Kenyon.

The Coronation of Edward VII Trailer (1902)

01 January 1902

King Edward VII's coronation ceremony.

Danse indienne Trailer (1902)

28 October 1902

American Indians dancing.

Final of International Cup at Cork Regatta Between Leander and Berlin Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

arly regatta footage from Mitchell & Kenyon.

Congregation Leaving St. Mary's Dominican Church in Cork Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

A film from the UK based Mitchell & Kenyon.

Regiments Returned from Boer War to Victoria Barracks, Cork Trailer (1902)

22 May 1902

These slightly weary-looking soldiers, just back from South Africa, were perhaps only temporarily housed in their Cork barracks before a well-earned return home.