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The Great Train Robbery Trailer (1903)

01 December 1903

The clerk at the train station is assaulted and left tied by four men, then they rob the train threatening the operator.

Mary Jane's Mishap Trailer (1903)

28 February 1903

Mary Jane tries to light the oven. When she's unsuccessful, she plays around, getting black boot polish on her face.

The Kingdom of Fairies Trailer (1903)

31 August 1903

At the royal court, a prince is presenting the princess whom he is pledged to marry, when a witch suddenly appears.

The Melomaniac Trailer (1903)

15 August 1903

The leader of a marching band demonstrates an unusual way of writing music.

The Infernal Cakewalk Trailer (1903)

12 June 1903

Pluto, having seen the earth, comes back home amazed at the success of that well-known dance, the "cake-walk.

Faust et Méphistophélès Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

Alice Guy's short film version of the classic story of a man who sold his soul.

The Cheese Mites Trailer (1903)

13 August 1903

A gentleman is here shown partaking of a little lunch of bread and cheese, and occasionally is seen to glance at his morning paper through a reading glass.

Alice in Wonderland Trailer (1903)

17 October 1903

This is the first movie version of the famous story. Alice dozes in a garden, awakened by a dithering white rabbit in waistcoat with pocket watch.

Rip Van Winkle Trailer (1903)

01 May 1903

An abridged version of the tale of Rip Van Winkle, a lazy American man, who wanders off one day with his dog Wolf into the Kaatskill mountains where he runs into an odd group of men drinking and playing bowls.

The Gay Shoe Clerk Trailer (1903)

12 August 1903

Scene shows interior of shoe-store. Young lady and chaperone enter. While a fresh young clerk is trying a pair of high-heeled slippers on the young lady, the chaperone seats herself and gets interested in a paper.

The Oracle of Delphi Trailer (1903)

14 August 1903

A box of valued jewels are placed inside the tomb of Delphi. A thief breaks into the tomb and steals them but soon the ghost of Delphi appears and puts a curse on the thief.

The Infernal Caldron Trailer (1903)

17 October 1903

The Infernal Boiling Pot is a 1903 silent French fantasy film directed by Georges Méliès. The film shows a green-skinned demon who places a woman and then two courtiers into a burning cauldron.

The Sick Kitten Trailer (1903)

31 December 1903

A simple scene of two rather flamboyantly-dressed Edwardian children attempting to feed a spoonful of medicine to a sick kitten.

Apparitions Trailer (1903)

16 October 1903

Alone in his room at an inn, a lustful old man is haunted by spirits.

Faust in Hell Trailer (1903)

12 December 1903

The German legend of a scholar's unholy pact with the Devil would have been very familiar to most moviegoers (at least European ones), so Georges Méliès' early cinematic treatment likely got away with simply offering a fancifully illustrated late episode without the earlier narrative context (however, spoken narration provides some of the latter in this restored print).

A Spiritualist Photographer Trailer (1903)

14 August 1903

A magician transforms a woman into a portrait of herself, then restores her to life.

Ten Ladies in an Umbrella Trailer (1903)

07 November 1903

The scene is similar to that seen at Coney Island, where a number of shows are constantly going on.

A Desperate Poaching Affray Trailer (1903)

01 July 1903

Three hunters surprise two poachers in the act. The hunters take umbrage and give chase over fences and through fields.

A Scrap in Black and White Trailer (1903)

08 July 1903

Shows a young black boy and a white boy in a lively set-to. They finally collapse in the centre of the ring after they have fought themselves to a stand-still.

The Inn Where No Man Rests Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

A traveller is shown to a room in an inn. After a brief dispute with the hostess and a porter, he is left to himself.

Life of an American Fireman Trailer (1903)

21 January 1903

Porter's sequential continuity editing links several shots to form a narrative of firemen responding to a house fire.

Jupiter's Thunderballs Trailer (1903)

07 November 1903

With godly entrapments, Zeus appears on the horizon, engages Hermes as an audience, and tries to throw some thunderbolts.

Electrocuting an Elephant Trailer (1903)

12 January 1903

This is a film taken of the execution of Topsy, an elephant employed to help build Luna Park on Coney Island.

Happy Hooligan Interferes Trailer (1903)

31 May 1903

An organ-grinder is playing beneath the window of a cranky old woman. She objects strenuously. The organ-grinder, egged on by Hooligan, keeps on playing until a policeman appears.

A Chess Dispute Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

A stationary camera looks on as two dapper gents play a game of chess. One drinks and smokes, and when he looks away, his opponent moves two pieces.

The Ballet Master's Dream Trailer (1903)

09 December 1903

It's late in the evening, and the ballet master's bed has been prepared for him. But he cannot take his mind off of his work, and instead of going to sleep he paces the floor and tries out dance steps.

The Unappreciated Joke Trailer (1903)

22 May 1903

Scene, interior of a street-car. A stout man enters and sits down alongside of a friend and proceeds to read a comic paper.

Living Sculptures: Film Study for Screen Artist Trailer (1903)

22 May 1903

A nude couple pose in an art studio on a square rug, while the camera does a circular traveling around them; the woman has her right knee on the floor and her right arm raised in front of her face, holding the man's thighs with her right, while the man is bent forward, as if looking in the distance.

Marvellous Wreath Trailer (1903)

12 June 1903

A magician performs tricks with a marvelous wreath.

Train Taking Up Mail Bag, U.S.P.O. Trailer (1903)

01 August 1903

We see a man sporting a derby hat and walrus moustache hang a mail sack on one of those poles that stand beside a railway track followed by a second shot of the sack being snatched up by a passing train which also jettisons another sack onto the ground as it passes.

The Three Musketeers Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

The adventures of D'Artagnan

What Happened in the Tunnel Trailer (1903)

06 November 1903

A woman riding a train must contend with the unwelcome advances of a male passenger.

Next! Trailer (1903)

13 November 1903

Alphonse and Gaston are in an American barber shop. They interrupt business with their exaggerated politeness, and the waiting customers throw them out of the window.

Uncle Tom's Cabin Trailer (1903)

30 July 1903

Based on the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe: Eliza, a slave who has a young child, pleads with Tom, another slave, to escape with her.

The Dude and the Burglars Trailer (1903)

30 July 1903

Two burglars have just entered an elegant-looking home, but before they can proceed, the woman of the house enters the room.

Jack Jags and Dum Dum Trailer (1903)

06 November 1903

Two comic characters, Jack Jags and Dum Dum, perform slapstick comedy on stage.

A Frontier Flirtation; or, How the Tenderfoot Won Out Trailer (1903)

22 October 1903

A Western cowboy attempts to flirt with a veiled young lady sitting on a bench in the garden...

Turning the Tables Trailer (1903)

01 September 1903

A policeman confronts a group of boys who have ignored a 'No Bathing Allowed' sign.

Capital Execution Trailer (1903)

22 May 1903

Denmark's first fiction film.

Guillaume Tell Trailer (1903)

14 October 1903

Historical legend composed of five Scenes. 1. William Tell's heroism. 2. The Plot. 3. The Apple. 4. Death of Gessler.

Le cambrioleur Trailer (1903)

18 January 1903

A woman, in her bedroom, is putting her jewelry away. Alarmed by strange noises at her door, she hides behind her bed.

Chicago-Michigan Football Game Trailer (1903)

31 October 1903

A collegiate American football event.

Eating Macaroni in the Streets of Naples Trailer (1903)

10 June 1903

The film begins across the street from some young boys who are lined up against a curbing eating spaghetti or macaroni.

Down the Hudson Trailer (1903)

22 March 1903

Film taken from a boat heading down the Hudson is shown at varying speeds, often giving a sense of rapid transit.

Hammerfest Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

A panorama shot of the Norwegian town and harbour of Hammerfest. Believed to be the earliest surviving film of Norway.

The Enchanted Well Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

A witch curses a town's well.

The Fate of the Artist's Model Trailer (1903)

22 October 1903

The Fate of the Artist's Model (1903) shows a young woman and her baby who are abandoned by her artist lover.

The Extra Turn Trailer (1903)

22 October 1903

This scene opens with a view of a stage setting and private box. After Miss Dolly Lightfoot has finished a clever dance, a card is placed upon the stage announcing an extra turn.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Trailer (1903)

07 March 1903

Georges Méliès adaptation of Robinson Crusoe, the first film adaptation of the story. Filmed in black & white, Méliès would then paint the film by hand to colour it.

A Search for Evidence Trailer (1903)

02 August 1903

Looking for evidence that her husband may have been unfaithful, a woman is in a hotel, accompanied by a witness, and they are peeking through the keyholes at the guests.

Tentation de Saint-Antoine Trailer (1903)

18 January 1903

Under cover of a disguise, Santa approaches Saint-Anthony's hut and, via various tricks, sets out to try his faith.

Subub Surprises the Burglar Trailer (1903)

14 August 1903

Shows a bedroom and a man asleep in bed. A burglar cautiously raises the window, climbs in, and proceeds to go through the man's clothes.

An Extraordinary Cab Accident Trailer (1903)

01 November 1903

A man and a woman talk beside a street near a corner where a cop stands. Just as a horse-drawn cart rounds the corner, the man backs off the sidewalk saying good-by to his companion.

Ingenious Soubrette Trailer (1903)

01 January 1903

The opening of this remarkable and mysterious film brings into view a scene in a parlor, with two servants discussing the easiest way to hang four pictures which are leaning against the wall on the floor.

La Vie d'un joueur Trailer (1903)

05 April 1903

A 8-chapter ("tableaux") short film that tells the story of a gambler who ends his life on the guillotine.

Drill by Providence Police Trailer (1903)

01 December 1903

A group of policemen marching up and down in front of a static camera for a couple of minutes.

President Reviewing School Children Trailer (1903)

01 June 1903

We have just received from our operators accompanying President Roosevelt on his great tour of the Pacific Coast, a splendid series of films covering his reception in San Francisco.

Double Ring Act, Luna Park Trailer (1903)

10 October 1903

A circus ring located outdoors next to the pavilion at Luna Park is shown. Two performers work with a large circus horse, doing acrobatics on and off his back.

In My Lady's Boudoir Trailer (1903)

31 July 1903

Kathryn Osterman was a legitimate actress who worked occasionally in the movies during the first decade and a half of the 20th century.

Bob Kick, the Mischievous Kid Trailer (1903)

21 November 1903

A boy is led into the frame by two nursemaids who give him a big ball to play with. For the remainder of the film heads appear and disappear, stage props blow up and turn into other objects or people, and finally Bob Kick disappears.