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The Impossible Voyage Trailer (1904)

01 October 1904

Using every known means of transportation, several savants from the Geographic Society undertake a journey through the Alps to the Sun which finishes under the sea.

The Living Playing Cards Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

A bearded magician holds up a large playing card and makes it larger. He tears up a card of a queen, burns the torn bits, and a life-size Queen of Hearts card appears; then, it becomes alive.

Scarecrow Pump Trailer (1904)

09 December 1904

A pump stands outside a farmhouse, just inside a picket fence. A boy comes out of the house and dresses up the pump handle and its post as a scarecrow, so that he can play a practical joke on a drunken acquaintance when he passes by.

The Mermaid Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

A man performs tricks with an aquarium and a mermaid

Duel Scene, 'By Right of Sword' Trailer (1904)

22 January 1904

[A]n excerpt from the novel by a chap named Marchmont in which the hero, a fellow with the heroic name of Hamylton Tregethner attempts to dissuade a fellow soldier from insisting on a sword duel for some unexplained offence.

A Fire in a Burlesque Theatre Trailer (1904)

01 March 1904

This short, otherwise unremarkable feature is of some interest because of the way that it unabashedly caters to the tastes that it perceived in its audiences.

Barnum's Trunk Trailer (1904)

24 March 1904

A magician and some assistants put up a series of posters of music hall acts in a frame. Then the magician brings each poster to life.

Burglary at Night Trailer (1904)

24 December 1904

A man hides his valuables under his mattress before going to sleep, blissfully unaware of the two burglars on his roof.

The Cook in Trouble Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

A Moonlight Serenade Trailer (1904)

22 April 1904

Pierrot goes to the house of his love to serenade her, but her father kicks him out. Soon the moon and its goddess Diana come towards the man and offers him something better.

Dog factory Trailer (1904)

11 May 1904

A brief vaudeville-style demonstration of a "Dog Transformator," a machine that instantly turns dogs into sausages, and amazingly, sausages back into dogs.

The Widow and the Only Man Trailer (1904)

02 January 1904

Only women are at a resort, until one man arrives. He woos a pretty young widow, and wins her.

Commissioner Higgins Visits Ahmedabad Girls' School Trailer (1904)

29 January 1904

Actuality short showing Salvation Army leader visiting a site in India.

Tchin-Tchao, the Chinese Conjurer Trailer (1904)

29 April 1904

A Chinese conjurer stands next to a table, it becomes two tables. A fan becomes a parasol, lanterns appear and disappear.

Every Man His Own Cigar Lighter Trailer (1904)

13 February 1904

Only 8 surviving seconds of a man getting great pleasure from smoking a cigar.

The Firefall Trailer (1904)

14 May 1904

A magic show.

The Bewitched Trunk Trailer (1904)

05 March 1904

Bewtiched trunk

Kejserinde Dagmar ankommer til Gentofte Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

Dagmar arrives by train.

Photographing a Female Cook Trailer (1904)

02 January 1904

Directed by Edwin S. Porter.

Westinghouse Air Brake Co. (Casting Scene) Trailer (1904)

01 May 1904

What appear to be molds pass some men by on conveyor belts. The men take them off the belt and dump the contents onto the ground.

Mr. Pecksniff Fetches the Doctor Trailer (1904)

01 August 1904

A husband rushes for a doctor and his wife has triplets.

Grand Display of Brock's Fireworks at the Crystal Palace Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

An actuality of the Brock's fireworks factory to celebrate its 40th anniversary organizes. The final shot has two flaming portraits of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, originally presented by Brock's at the coronation in 1902.

Bolton v Burton United Trailer (1904)

19 April 1904

Footage from Bolton versus Burton United in 1904.

Ved Ribe Domkirkes indvielse Trailer (1904)

03 November 1904

Scenes from Ribe Domkirkes.

Meet Me at the Fountain Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

Frenchman Count Hardup advertises for a wife. He gets more than he bargained for when women start chasing him.

Kindergarten Ball Game Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

Basically, all we see is a group of kids of varying ages bouncing toy balls on the classroom floor then throwing them up in the air.

Lathrop School, Calisthenics, Missouri Commission Trailer (1904)

01 May 1904

There are fifteen of them, ten girls and five boys in three rows of five, the boys flanked by the girls.

Los guapos del parque Trailer (1904)

15 May 1904

A farmer puts up a notice, looking for a wife, and is soon fleeing from a dozen women.

The Mistletoe Bough Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

During a game of hide and seek, a new bride hides in a chest and remains undiscovered until a strange visitation thirty years later.

Weird Fancies Trailer (1904)

03 July 1904

This is a mesmerising little short that employs a peculiar bird’s eye view of a mischievous devil who dances around, performing strange tricks and making sexy ladies appear out of nowhere.

The Wandering Jew Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

A Jew who mocked Jesus on the cross is visited by a devil and an angel

Électrocutée Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

The Coronation of King Peter the First Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

Documentary chronicling the coronation of King Peter the First of Serbia.

The Untameable Whiskers Trailer (1904)

05 March 1904

The background of this picture represents a scene along the beautiful river Seine in Paris. A gentleman enters, and taking a blackboard from the side of the picture, he draws on it a sketch of a novelist.

The Strenuous Life; or, Anti-Race Suicide Trailer (1904)

19 December 1904

A married couple faces the demands of what Theodore Roosevelt called 'the strenuous life'.

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly Trailer (1904)

18 June 1904

An Interesting Story Trailer (1904)

01 October 1904

The adventures of an inattentive man who can't look away from his book.

Automobile Race for the Vanderbilt Cup Trailer (1904)

14 May 1904

Automobile Race for the Vanderbilt Cup

The Imperceptable Transmutations Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

This shows a prince entering upon the stage of the King's private theatre. He is about to do a few mystifying tricks for the amusement of the court.

The Devilish Plank Trailer (1904)

22 May 1904

Melies and his crew perform magic tricks.

Steam Whistle Trailer (1904)

15 April 1904

A closeup of the steam whistle blowing at the "Westinghouse works" complex of factories in Pennsylvania, probably at the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

Buy Your Own Cherries Trailer (1904)

01 June 1904

A barmaid plies a swell with smiles and with cherries from a box that's just been delivered. When she refuses a cherry to a roughly-dressed tradesman who runs a tab at the bar, he pays off his debt in a huff, using all his week's pay.

Panorama of Machine Co. Aisle Trailer (1904)

01 May 1904

A camera on an overhead crane travels down a large, long aisle where men are shown working on large machinery on either side.

The Capture and Execution as Spies of Two Japanese Officers Trailer (1904)

31 March 1904

Japanese pose as coolies, blow up a train, are caught and shot.

Easter Sunday, Atlantic City Boardwalk Trailer (1904)

01 November 1904

Crowds of people in their Easter finery parade on the boardwalk near Green's Hotel, and near a pier in Atlantic City.

Panorama View, Street Car Motor Room Trailer (1904)

22 May 1904

A camera moving forward on an overhead crane gives a traveling view of men working on machinery. Carts carrying parts and pieces of machinery pass by on rails; cranes lift machinery; and men perform their various duties, including hammering objects.

Opening Ceremonies, St. Louis Exposition Trailer (1904)

12 May 1904

A camera in the Plaza of St. Louis at the World's Fair slowly pans counter clockwise in nearly a full circle: we see the crowd and various buildings, palaces, statues, arches and columns built for the fair.

Parsifal Trailer (1904)

13 October 1904

Klingsor seeks admission to the Holy Grail. Evil summons Kundry. Herzeloid appears with the child Parsifal.

Maniac Chase Trailer (1904)

24 May 1904

A “madman” escapes prison and the torments of his warders.

Barcelona Park at Twilight Trailer (1904)

30 September 1904

Early short showing the titular park in around 2 minutes.

Japanese Acrobats Trailer (1904)

09 April 1904

A Japanese juggler performs some marvelous juggling feats with a boy. Lying on his back on the floors

Scenes in an Infant Orphan Asylum Trailer (1904)

17 July 1904

The subject of this documentary is an orphan asylum for infants. The beginning portion includes the dining facilities for the children.

Femmes portant des corbeilles Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

Worker women carrying baskets.

Testing Large Turbines, Westinghouse Co. Works Trailer (1904)

01 May 1904

On the left of the screen, a small group of men lift the top off of what appears to be a turbine with a crane and continue to check the machine, tightening various parts with wrenches.

Railroad Smashup Trailer (1904)

12 November 1904

A staged crash between two outmoded locomotives given to the Edison Co. by the Pennsylvania Railroad for the express purpose of destroying them.

Buster Makes Room for His Mama at the Bargain Counter Trailer (1904)

22 March 1904

Scene III of the Buster Brown Series. Shows a bargain counter in a department store and a large gathering of women examining goods.

The Christmas Angel Trailer (1904)

01 January 1904

A poor family in a rundown house where snow falls through the broken roof, there's no coal to heat the pathetic little stove, mother is sick, father sends daughter out to beg.

Girls Taking Time Checks Trailer (1904)

30 April 1904

Almost 200 women file by a device on the wall from which they take their time checks. A man runs half-way across the screen at the end of the film.

Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa Trailer (1904)

22 May 1904

Turn-of-the-century sports coverage.

The Diabolical Saucepan Trailer (1904)

06 February 1904

A cook and his assistant are seen preparing dinner. While cook leaves the room he cautions his assistant to watch the pot so that it will not boil over.