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The Black Devil Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A traveler at an inn is harassed by a mischievous devil in his room.

Clown, Dog and Balloon Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Cute one-trick doggie show. The backdrop is beautifully detailed, yet the illusion of depth is humorously broken by the balloon bouncing off the set.

The Watermelon Patch Trailer (1905)

23 October 1905

Several men take watermelons from a melon patch, and are pursued.

De mésaventure van een Fransch heertje zonder pantalon aan het strand te Zandvoort Trailer (1905)

26 July 1905

'Zandvoort in an uproar! On Saturday morning at roughly 10 o’clock, with beautiful weather and calm seas, a Frenchman sat in a beach chair to gaze upon the magnificent view that the sea always affords, until he slowly began to fall asleep’ So begins a report in the ‘Zandvoortsche Courant’ of July 25, 1905.

Dream of the Moon Trailer (1905)

02 May 1905

A drunk staggers into his apartment and falls asleep. He dreams he climbs to the top of a building and flies to the moon, then falls back to earth.

A Frightful Night Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A man gets ready for bed and attempts to go to sleep. His bed magically disappears as he is about to lay down.

The Train Wreckers Trailer (1905)

27 November 1905

A romance between a railroad engineer and the switchman's daughter is nearly ruined by train wreckers who knock out the girl and leave her on the tracks to be run over.

Flower Fairy Trailer (1905)

30 September 1905

A little flower film by Gaston Velle.

The Seven Ages Trailer (1905)

04 February 1905

A couple who have known each other all of their lives are shown together at different stages of life.

The Night Before Christmas Trailer (1905)

16 December 1905

It's December 24th, and Santa Claus is busy feeding his reindeer and finishing up the toys that he will soon deliver.

Our New Errand Boy Trailer (1905)

11 August 1905

A mischievous errand boy, sent out on a delivery, causes havoc in the streets of Hove. When he arrives back at the shop, he finds all his furious victims are already there complaining to the grocer -- and the chase is on!

A Mesmerian Experiment Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A magician creates a troupe of dancers out of thin air.

Linotol Comp. Trailer (1905)

03 November 1905

A Danish commercial.

The Hen That Laid the Golden Eggs Trailer (1905)

08 December 1905

This has more of a clear narrative than most of the films in the set although it’s still quite odd and random compared to today’s films.

Phenomenal Hen Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A magician produces a chicken from an immense egg, and then six chicks from eggs laid by that chicken.

The White Caps Trailer (1905)

14 September 1905

Two members of a vigilante group known as 'The White Caps' post a warning sign on a man's home. When the man comes home, he tears down the sign, and then proceeds to abuse his wife both verbally and physically.

The Little Train Robbery Trailer (1905)

01 September 1905

In this parody of 1903's "Great Train Robbery", also made by Edwin S. Porter, young bandits rob the passengers of a kiddie train and are chased by police officers.

The Miller’s Daughter Trailer (1905)

25 October 1905

Hazel, the miller's daughter, is courted by a country boy and a sophisticated city boy. Her father favors the country boy, but she elopes with the city boy.

The Malagueña and the Bullfighter Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A bullfighter dances with a woman.

The Kleptomaniac Trailer (1905)

04 February 1905

A well-dressed woman leaves her home and takes a carriage to a department store. While she is in the store, she steals several items, and is caught by store employees.

Los heroes del sitio de Zaragoza Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

A film by Segundo de Chomon.

Dial's Girl's Band, Luna Park Trailer (1905)

10 October 1905

The first camera position shows girls in uniform marching in double file down a curved flight of stairs in an amusement zone.

A Father's Honor Trailer (1905)

30 September 1905

A young woman receives a message, and hurriedly leaves home. But the message was a trick to lure her into a trap, where she is assaulted and killed.

The Unfortunate Policeman Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

No Overview

England v. Ireland at Manchester Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

A film from the UK based Mitchell & Kenyon.

The Life of an American Policeman Trailer (1905)

06 December 1905

A policeman has breakfast with his wife and children, and then prepares for the day's work. While on his beat, he finds and helps a lost child.

The Burglar's Slide for Life Trailer (1905)

23 July 1905

A burglar escapes from the apartment he's robbing by sliding down the clothesline, but in the end he's caught by the family dog.

A Crazy Composer Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

A silly-looking composer attempts to compose. He then falls asleep, and dreams of all manner of bizarre nonsense.

Dranem Performs "Five O'Clock Tea" Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Dranem performs another song for Alice Guy.

Miracle de Noël Trailer (1905)

03 November 1905

A short story of a Christmas miracle.

The Capture of Roma Trailer (1905)

16 September 1905

How Jones Lost His Roll Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

Jones is on his way home, carrying a roll of money, when he meets a neighbor who is a notorious miser.

The Wonderful Album Trailer (1905)

29 September 1905

This is in poor condition and the hand colouring is a little rough around the edges compared to the others, but it contains some impressive ‘appearing’ effects as pieces of paper from a giant book turn into people and then back to paper in the punchline.

Rescued by Rover Trailer (1905)

03 July 1905

A dog leads its master to his kidnapped baby.

The Magician's Alms Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A magician transforms a tiny dinner table into a full meal for a homeless man.

Dranem Performs "The True Jiu-Jitsu" Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Armand Dranem performs The True Jiu-Jitsu ("Le Vrai Jiu-Jitsu", by P. Briollet & G. Fabri / C. D'Orviet) in this phonoscene by Alice Guy.

The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog Trailer (1905)

30 May 1905

A portrait of the Dam family.

The Enchanted Sedan Chair Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Building a British Railway: Crewe Railway Junction Trailer (1905)

02 January 1905

Documentary short released in 1905.

Peeping Tom in the Dressing Room Trailer (1905)

08 May 1905

A young man leers through a peephole in the wall separating two dressing rooms, but he is caught, and is humiliated by his victim.

2 A.M. in the Subway Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Public morality, late night cavorting, and a practical joke. A constable and a subway attendant are

Latina, Contortionist Trailer (1905)

22 May 1905

A woman wearing a light-colored leotard, gathered at the waist, and tights stands against a black background.

Disagreeable Mistake Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A workman places his paint can in an unfortunate spot.

Alfred Butterworth and Sons, Glebe Mills, Hollinwood Trailer (1905)

05 May 1905

Alfred Butterworth and Sons

The Statue Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A living statue causes trouble for unsuspecting bystanders.

Ulysses and the Giant Polyphemus Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

An early horror treatment of the hero's encounter with the one-eyed man-eating Cyclops.

Christian Martyrs Trailer (1905)

03 July 1905

This is quite unlike most of the films in the set, with a Biblical setting rather than a fairy story.

La Légende de Rip Van Winckle Trailer (1905)

23 November 1905

The Melies version of the old Rip Van Winkle tale.

Væddeleb Trailer (1905)

03 November 1905

At the racetrack.

The O'Mers in The Bricklayers Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A bunch of bricklayers cause trouble for the local cops.

Weaving Women Trailer (1905)

31 December 1905

A group of Macedonian women are shown hard at work.

Un feu d'artifice improvisé Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

On a city street, a number of men take advantage of an old drunken bum.

Grandma Despina Trailer (1905)

02 November 1905

This scene is a part of the very first film shot produced by the Manaki Brothers. Despina, the Janaki and Milton Manaki's grandmother, was recorded weaving in one high-angle shot.

Dingjunshan Trailer (1905)

02 January 1905

Directed by Ren Jingfeng.

The Tango Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A woman performs the tango.

Cook & Rilly's Trained Rooster Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

An early sound-synchronized short of a rooster crowing.

Lilas blanc Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

Felix Mayol performs a song for Alice Guy

The Scheming Gambler's Paradise Trailer (1905)

01 January 1905

A combination gambling den and bawdy house is set up so that croupiers, patrons, prostitutes, and the owner can quickly change it all into a mercantile establishment when the cops stage a raid.

Baby's Toilet Trailer (1905)

23 May 1905

Nothing to do with potties... Baby gets a good wash. In this charming Hepworth actuality film a crisply uniformed, no-nonsense nurse bounces a baby girl on her lap before submerging the unsuspecting infant into a tub of soapy water.

Sir Douglas Mawson's Marvelous Views of the Frozen South Trailer (1905)

02 January 1905

Directed by Sir Douglas Mawson, released in 1915.