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Ben Hur Trailer (1907)

07 December 1907

Ben Hur is a 15 minute long 1907 silent film, the first film version of Lew Wallace's novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, one of the best-selling books at that time.

The Policemen's Little Run Trailer (1907)

15 January 1907

A policeman spots a dog stealing a piece of meat from a butcher's shop, and gives chase. Soon several more policemen have joined the pursuit.

Ju-Jitsu Trailer (1907)

31 August 1907

Many demonstrations of the art of Jiu Jitsu are given, and as evidence that this is not a passing fad intended only for the amusement of the public there is illustrated in very thrilling manner how several footpads follow two girls and then in a deserted section of the road make an attack, which is successfully foiled and the perpetrators taken into custody.

The Red Spectre Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A demonic magician attempts to perform his act in a strange grotto, but is confronted by a Good Spirit who opposes him.

The Fur Hat Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A soldier with a fur hat hides in a closet.

The Dancing Pig Trailer (1907)

10 August 1907

A pig dressed in fancy clothes flirts with a pretty girl, but she humiliates him and tears off his suit; she then makes him dance for her affections.

Kiri-Kis Trailer (1907)

27 December 1907

A family troupe of acrobats, made up to appear Japanese, perform various unbelievable stunts in front of the camera, achieved through a trick of the camera.

In the Bogie Man's Cave Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

The Bogie Man's cave is one of the many triumphs of set design for Georges Méliès. More unusual for the pioneering French director is the grisly turn when the monster chops up his servant for a steaming pot of stew.

The Prophetess of Thebes Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

Partially lost film. One of the kings of ancient Thebes enters the abode of an astrologer and demands that he be told his future.

The Rolling Bed Trailer (1907)

01 November 1907

An impecunious chap is unable to pay his rent, whereupon he is ejected, but all his furniture is retained and he is allowed to remove only his rolling bed.

Kong Frederik VIII's første Kongerevue Trailer (1907)

09 September 1907

The first military revue of King Frederik VIII is captured on film.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

The film, a parody of the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, follows a fisherman, Yves, who dreams of traveling by submarine to the bottom of the ocean, where he encounters both realistic and fanciful sea creatures, including a chorus of naiads played by dancers from the Théâtre du Châtelet.

Easter Eggs Trailer (1907)

24 July 1907

A magical woman and her magical eggs.

Lightning Sketches Trailer (1907)

14 July 1907

An illustrator draws some sketches at lightning speed. He first illustrates how he can turn a written word into a sketch of that word.

Good Glue Sticks Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A peddler of "the best glue" sets up his outdoor stall. A crowd gathers for a demonstration. As he gives his pitch, two observant cops decide drive off his customers and close him down, much to his fury.

The Skipping Cheese Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

The interior of a trolley car. A menagerie of passengers notices a foul odour, and pinpoint the source of the stench at a cheese saleswoman.

The Golden Beetle Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A magician is surprised when he attempts to transform a beetle.

Satan At Play Trailer (1907)

25 October 1907

In an unnamed place, his majesty Satan is bored. Despite his servants exertions, nothing can be found to cheer him up.

The Sand Bath Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A middle-aged man bare chest and wearing trousers, clears a shallow trench in the sand while a young woman draped in a long, flimsy veil looks on.

Les tulipes Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

Magical flowery frolics, similar to a Melies film.

Trial Marriages Trailer (1907)

16 January 1907

A man attempts a series of 'trial marriages' with various women, and eventually gives up on marriage altogether.

Der Angler Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

A middle-aged woman in rural dress and a young woman in a smarter dress are picking up herbs in a forest.

The Dangers in a Fisherman’s Life Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

It was the first feature film produced in Norway.

Mr. Hurry-up Trailer (1907)

08 February 1907

Mr. Hurry-Up gets dressed in a rush, and then races down to breakfast. After a few quick bites and a couple gulps of coffee, he races out the door and heads to work.

La terroriste Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

A film from Louis Feuillade.

Satan in Prison Trailer (1907)

01 November 1907

The title is vital, since the bulk of the action consists of a well-dressed man magically producing a series of items to furnish a bare room, culminating in his summoning up a charming lady to share his meal.

Sprængning af Træer i Dyrehaven Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A group of military men uses explosives to de-root trees.

Landbrug i Danmark Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

A documentary about Danish agriculture.

The Horse That Bolted Trailer (1907)

02 January 1907

Delivery man's horse eats a bag of oats

The Abduction of the Slave Women Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

Four Arab men in white burnouses, two women in grey, and one female cook in striped burnous, are sitting in front of a cave in a forest path.

Games of Youth Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

Compilation of two shorts also distributed independently: Cricket und Reifenspiel [Croquet and the Arc and Hook Game], and Springschnur und Amazonen [Jump Roping and the Amazons].

Fights of Nations Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

The film is several vignettes of slap stick presentation of racial stereotypes. We are treated to murderous Mexicans, conniving Jews, brawling Irish, bloodthirsty Scots, an Indian, and even Uncle Sam.

The Trainer’s Daughter; or, A Race for Love Trailer (1907)

23 November 1907

Jack and the daughter of a horse trainer are in love with each other, but when the trainer discovers them together, he makes it clear that Jack is unwelcome.

Terrorists in Russia Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

Starring Max Charlier and Mlle Loisier, is a very rare and considered many years a lost film. Gaumont catalogue no 1590, the title was changed in "La terroriste.

The Talisman Trailer (1907)

27 December 1907

"Le Pied De Mouton" is an adaptation of an old French stage play titled "The Talisman" written by Alphonse Martainville and César Ribié.

Enchanted Glasses Trailer (1907)

01 February 1907

Devilish looking man dances with a dress in his arms. The dress stands up by itself and a woman magician appears in it.

Dr. Isnardi: Amputation Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A medical documentary for students.

Petit Jules Verne Trailer (1907)

15 January 1907

A boy is put to bed by his mother, but when she leaves the room, he pulls out a book. Dropping off to sleep, he begins to dream.

Kong Frederik VIII besøger Island Trailer (1907)

03 November 1907

King Frederik VIII travels to Iceland in 1907.

Jamaica Negroes Doing a Two-Step Trailer (1907)

02 January 1907

Short released in 1907.

The Masher Trailer (1907)

02 January 1907

The "Masher" is a product of no particular time or place, but known everywhere, and least thought of where best known.

C'est Papa qui a pris la purge Trailer (1907)

17 January 1907

A man has diarrhea.... a French comedy.

The Race for the Sausage Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A dog chasing after sausage trips up the town with its leash.

Le sculpteur express Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

A sculptor creates several faces in a span of four minutes.

A Four-Year-Old Heroine Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A four-year-old saves the day.

Métempsycose Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

Stencil-coloured version of Segundo de Chomón's Les roses magiques (1906).

The Cleaning Man Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A zealous janitor mops the floor so hard nobody can stand up.

The Fairy of the Black Rocks Trailer (1907)

25 July 1907

An old woman begs a young men to carry her heavy bundle of firewood. The man refuses: he rather goes to sleep.

Bokserparodi Trailer (1907)

17 November 1907

Parody boxing from Denmark. The fat clown keeps getting beat up, but he's got a trick up his sleeve.

The Sorcerer's Scissors Trailer (1907)

30 September 1907

A mix of spectacle, animation and dance, the film reveals an early delight in the potential for creative fun with film form.

Der Traum des Bildhauers Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

The artist studio is decorated with a rug, a chaise longue, a small table, a plinth, a couple of copies of classic sculptures, a vase with flowers, a few prints on the walls, and on the wood paneled lower half of the wall, an 8-pointed star [Saturn-Film's logo].

The Husband's Trick Trailer (1907)

02 January 1907

Silent starring Max Linder.

La Marseillaise Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

This film by Georges Mendel uses a primitive synchronization system for the projector and phonograph.

Harlequin's Story Trailer (1907)

20 June 1907

Polichinelle the servant (called Harlequin in the English language version) rescues his girlfriend from a gang of decadent aristocrats, who have transformed her into a mechanical doll.

The Rivals Trailer (1907)

07 September 1907

Chollie and George compete for a young woman's affection, using trickery and sabotage.

Man Monkey Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

A man with a bald head visits a specialist and places an order for an especially strong hair tonic. Late in the evening a messenger is dispatched with the tonic to the purchaser, but, through error, delivers to wrong flat.

Jim Jeffries on His California Ranch Trailer (1907)

03 November 1907

The first scene preceded by the title: greeting visitors, is taken across a dirt road that runs in front of the Jeffries' home.

La course aux potirons Trailer (1907)

23 May 1907

Early slapstick short from Louis Feuillade involving runaways, except that, instead of it being a runaway horse (see Griffith;s THE CURTAIN POLE for an example), it is a cartful of what appear to be hundred-pound pumpkins that get away, rushing hither and yon, down sewers, up chimneys, pursued by the drayer, a couple of other people and a very unwilling donkey.

The Clock-Maker's Secret Trailer (1907)

01 January 1907

The town-crier summons the inhabitants of the town and they read a manifesto which is posted on a wall announcing the fact that at 4 o'clock on that day the Lord Mayor will receive bids for the building of a town clock.

Le billet de banque Trailer (1907)

24 April 1907

Rich man rewards a tramp for defending him from muggers. Nobody can cash the big bill the tramp is carrying; comical misadventures.