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Fantasmagorie Trailer (1908)

17 August 1908

The first all-animated film in history, a series of scenes without much narrative structure, but morphing into each other.

Stenka Razin Trailer (1908)

14 October 1908

Stenka Razin is the leader of a group of outlaws who live a life of revelry and carousing along the Volga River and in the nearby forests.

Diabolical Pickpocket Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A pickpocket manages to escape the police through a series of fantastic tricks.

The Electric Hotel Trailer (1908)

31 October 1908

According to the rapid strides that electricity is making in this wonderful age we are not surprised to see in this picture an ideal hotel of the future in which everything is done by electricity.

A Visit to the Seaside Trailer (1908)

01 December 1908

The first successful motion picture in natural color, filmed with Kinemacolor. It is an 8 minute short film directed by George Albert Smith of Brighton, showing people doing everyday activities.

Cossacks of the Don Trailer (1908)

11 April 1908

An excellent reproduction of the world-famed riders of Russia in their various stunts and acrobatic feats while on their thoroughbred horses.

The Dream of an Opium Fiend Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

The opium fiend is seen in a den, puffing on this terrible narcotic. He then falls fast asleep and dreams that he is at home with his wife.

The Chinese Shadows Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

At the beginning of this film two women come onstage dressed in Oriental fashion. They present a shadow play theatre.

Magic Bricks Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Experimental color film that shows a magician and his assistant making objects and people appear and disappear.

Sideshow Wrestlers Trailer (1908)

24 May 1908

A man gets cajoled into working as a sideshow wrestler.

La Tosca Trailer (1908)

17 November 1908

A Danish silent version of the play La Tosca.

The Dog Outwits the Kidnapper Trailer (1908)

09 April 1908

Dog Rover, from Rescued by Rover fame, chases a kidnapper's car and while he is in a pub, drives it safely home and thus saves the baby.

The legend of the spinner Trailer (1908)

12 March 1908

The goddess Minerva is jealous of the young Arachne who is more clever it in weaving. Out of spite, Arachne Minerva rushed into hell, then transforms into a spider that will forever spinning its web.

Magie moderne Trailer (1908)

11 March 1908

A Segundo de Chomón trick film.

Whimsical People Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A moon-woman shakes a Pierot costume and manifests a Pierot clown. She does this four more until there are five Pierots crowded on the ledge of the moon.

Cupid’s Pranks Trailer (1908)

19 February 1908

After receiving a scolding for falling asleep on the job, Cupid is sent out in search of potential lovers to unite.

Charlotte Corday Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

An early account of Marat's murder, and the subsequent arrest, trial, and execution of Charlotte Corday.

Drama Among the Puppets Trailer (1908)

23 November 1908

For a short comedy of rare merit this subject is unexcelled. A chalk line series of grotesque caricatures enacted in the land of puppets.

The Black Viper Trailer (1908)

21 July 1908

A thug accosts a girl as she leaves her workplace but a man rescues her. The thug vows revenge and, with the help of two friends, attacks the girl and her rescuer again as they're going for a walk.

Das eitle Stubenmädchen Trailer (1908)

23 May 1908

A housemaid is cleaning a studio. When she sees a sculpture of a nude woman in life-size, lying on a couch, she starts to compare this idealized body with her own.

Her First Adventure Trailer (1908)

18 March 1908

A father arrives home, greets his wife and daughter, and then goes inside with his wife. Though they are only inside for a brief time, their daughter wanders off, attracted by the music from a pair of gypsies performing in the street.

The House of Ghosts Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A group of travellers go into a house for protection. Little do they know, it is filled with ghosts who make unusual things happen to them.

The Thieving Hand Trailer (1908)

01 February 1908

A one-armed street peddler notices that a well-to-do man has dropped his ring, and the peddler returns it to him.

Os estranguladores Trailer (1908)

02 August 1908

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs Trailer (1908)

14 August 1908

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs is a 1908 British short silent documentary film, directed by George Albert Smith as a showcase his new Kinemacolor system, which features a woman displaying assorted tartan cloths, both draped on her body and waved semaphore-style.

Money Mad Trailer (1908)

04 December 1908

Money Mad is a 1908 American short crime film directed by D. W. Griffith.

Amour et mélasse Trailer (1908)

24 May 1908

Georges Melies' film has a new guy showing up in a store on his first day and he obviously just doesn't fit in as he makes one mistake after another.

Troubles of a Grass Widower Trailer (1908)

29 February 1908

A housewife tires of her husband's annoying behavior and returns to her mother. At first, the husband is quite pleased to have the house all to himself.

Le Tambourin fantastique Trailer (1908)

17 January 1908

Magic tricks in a medieval setting.

El fusilamiento de Dorrego Trailer (1908)

02 January 1908

Directed by Mario Gallo.

Wolf Hunt Trailer (1908)

15 May 1908

An early silent film, made before intertites became common (which is why very early silent films are narrated, at best).

The Vacuum Cleaner Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

In this funny picture we see the vacuum cleaner, the modern dust eradicator, performing some very droll tricks.

Lady Barrister Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

A woman attorney is seen in her apartment with her poor henpecked husband, who is more like her man servant than her better half.

La grotte des esprits Trailer (1908)

21 November 1908

In this weird picture we take a pleasure trip into the infernal regions and are entertained by his Satanic Majesty and all the spooks that are connected with his household.

Barcelona en tranvía Trailer (1908)

31 December 1908

Very early footage of the streets of Barcelona, filmed from a tram.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer (1908)

07 August 1908

No overview found.

The Martyrdom of Thomas A Becket Trailer (1908)

02 January 1908

The King has the archbishop murdered, then repents.

L'homme aux gants blancs Trailer (1908)

02 January 1908

Directed by Albert Capellani.

Au Maroc: Tanger Trailer (1908)

23 February 1908

Shots of Morocco, including a harbour town with a fortress.

The Sculptor's Nightmare Trailer (1908)

06 May 1908

At a political club, the members debate whose bust will replace that of Theodore Roosevelt. Unable to agree, each goes to a sculptor's studio and bribes him to sculpt a bust of the individual favorite.

In the Time of Rebellion Trailer (1908)

31 August 1908

In a British barrack in India is confined a tamed gorilla which has conceived a hatred for one of the Hindoo attendants, owing to the barbarous treatment which the Hindoo accords the beast.

Nero and the Burning of Rome Trailer (1908)

02 January 1908

Arrival of the Christian Slaves: The captives are brought before Nero. He chooses one fair maiden to serve in his palace.

Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court Trailer (1908)

04 September 1908

Mack Sennett appears as a policeman in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

Touaregs in Their Country Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

“The barbaric negro inhabitants of an African village are shown in their various forms of activity, the first view being a photograph of a number of children of all sizes, shapes and degrees of African beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Trailer (1908)

30 January 1908

Based on the story of "Sleeping Beauty" by Charles Perrault. Titles read: The Christening of the Princess; The Good Fairies Fatal Prediction; The Royal Edict; The Princess is Sixteen Years Old; Searching for the Princess; The Prediction Comes True; Thou Shalt Sleep for a Hundred Years; A Hundred Years later the Prince Charming Goes Hunting; Prince Charming Dismisses His Escort; The Castle of Sleep; The Guard's Hall; You Have Been a Long Time Coming, prince; The Wedding of the Sleeping Beauty to Prince Charming.

The Valet's Wife Trailer (1908)

01 December 1908

Bachelor Reggie writes his uncle that he has a wife and child, but then must produce them when the uncle visits.

Modern Sculptors Trailer (1908)

31 January 1908

The first scene presents before the astonished eyes of the spectators a solid piece of marble, which the minute it is placed on a table seems to take life, and one can follow a snake-like line branding on the polished face of the stone the name of the house of Pathé Frères.

A Comedy of Errors Trailer (1908)

02 January 1908

Mr. Nearbright is busily engaged writing; consults his watch. His wife, accompanied by her "Ma" enters, attired for a journey, carrying small satchels.

After Many Years Trailer (1908)

03 November 1908

A castaway returns home after years lost at sea, to the wife and child he left behind. Has she waited faithfully or has she moved on?

The Red Man and the Child Trailer (1908)

27 July 1908

A silent short about a Sioux Indian by D.W. Griffith.

The Man in the Box Trailer (1908)

19 June 1908

Mack Sennett appears as a gang member in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

A Calamitous Elopement Trailer (1908)

06 August 1908

A young couple are enjoying a romantic interlude in the young woman's home, when her father discovers them and angrily chases the young man out of the house.

Hansel und Gretel Trailer (1908)

13 May 1908

Fairy-tale adaptation.

Dreams of Toyland Trailer (1908)

24 February 1908

Arthur Melbourne Cooper's animation showing a boy's dream of his toys coming to life uses a live action framing device for the dream sequence which uses stop motion techniques to animate a child's toys.

The Runaway Horse Trailer (1908)

03 January 1908

A laundry man parks his horse-drawn cart to make a delivery. While he is inside, his horse sees a bag of oats and starts to eat them.

The Gold Spider Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

Some gnomes are searching for a wonderful spider that weaves webs of golden coins. Intent on their search, they are unaware that their movements are closely followed by a poor woodcutter, who also penetrates into their caves when they have caught the spider and imprisoned it there.

The Kentuckian Trailer (1908)

07 July 1908

Mack Sennett appears in this film produced by the Biograph Company.

Les papillons japonais Trailer (1908)

15 May 1908

Two Japanese paint a silk worm on a screen. The insect comes alive and begins to spin its cocoon. He is soon trapped in his prison silk.

Amor que mata Trailer (1908)

01 January 1908

This short, simple melodrama -- girl loses boy, girl dies of a broken heart -- is possessed of advanced techniques in several fields: restrained acting, careful, beautiful compositions, fine camera movement -- there is one overhead traveling shot that is gorgeous -- even set design: people live in furnished houses, with flowers on the table, not something that shows up in most films for another decade.

The Taming of the Shrew Trailer (1908)

10 November 1908

Based on Shakespeare's play: Petruchio courts the bad-tempered Katharina, and tries to change her aggressive behavior.