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A Corner in Wheat Trailer (1909)

13 December 1909

A greedy tycoon decides, on a whim, to corner the world market in wheat. This doubles the price of bread, forcing the grain's producers into charity lines and further into poverty.

The Devilish Tenant Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A man rents an apartment and furnishes it in remarkable fashion.

Hunting the Panther Trailer (1909)

24 September 1909

A hunter and his native helpers set up a trap, then taunt and shoot a panther. Next we see the locals skin the animal.

A Trip to Jupiter Trailer (1909)

12 August 1909

The King and his official astronomer are alone in the study viewing the heavenly bodies through the monstrous telescope.

Traveller's Nightmare Trailer (1909)

10 January 1909

A man and his wife try to enjoy a picnic, but strange and surreal happenings prevent them from doing so.

Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy Trailer (1909)

10 August 1909

A smoker falls asleep, and two mischievious fairies play with his pipe. He discovers this, and imprisons them in a cigar box.

The Moon-Struck Matador Trailer (1909)

16 March 1909

Two lovers perform a fandango dance. A jealous quarrel follows and the heart-broken swain decides to end it all.

The Grey Dame Trailer (1909)

26 August 1909

In a mansion full of secret rooms and passageways, people are dying shortly after seeing the ghost of a woman in gray, as an old legend dictates.

The Airship Destroyer Trailer (1909)

01 October 1909

An inventor uses a wireless controlled flying torpedo to destroy enemy airships.

The Little Darling Trailer (1909)

01 September 1909

This might be termed a comedy of errors, for the overzealousness of a lot of good-hearted simple folks places them in a rather embarrassing position.

The Man Monkey Trailer (1909)

03 March 1909

A man behaves like a monkey after its brain is transplanted into him.

The Curtain Pole Trailer (1909)

15 February 1909

An upper class drawing room. A gentleman breaks the curtain pole and goes in search of a replacement, but he stops into a pub first.

Ved Havet Trailer (1909)

04 November 1909

A documentary drama about people who live by the sea.

The Torch Dance Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A newly discovered film showing Tamara Karsavina dancing Mikhail Fokine’s ‘La Danse du Flambeau’ (‘The Torch Dance’).

Le Papillon Fantastique Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

Surviving fragment of a longer film. A magician makes a butterfly woman appear, and a woman in a star.

Otello Trailer (1909)

18 November 1909

Ugo Falena version of William Shakespeare's Othello.

Seil und Tau Fabrikation in Howrah bei Kalkutta Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A short film showing the industrial process of jute works in India.

The Mended Lute Trailer (1909)

05 August 1909

In an Indian tribe, a girl escapes from her father and suitor to be with the man she loves.

Resurrection Trailer (1909)

20 May 1909

Nekhludoff, a Russian nobleman serving on a jury, discovers that the young girl on trial, Katusha, is someone he once seduced and abandoned and that he himself bears responsibility for reducing her to crime.

Whale Fishing Trailer (1909)

30 March 1909

A whale is hunted in the southern hemisphere by the crew of a sailing ship: it is harpooned twice, using a cannon, and taken back to the shore.

Le Retour d'Ulysse Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

When Troy has fallen and Ulysses sets sail for home, his ships are driven to different lands, where his adventures are numerous, keeping him away from his native land for ten years.

An Awful Symphony Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

By the time this short subject came out, Segundo de Chomon had bested Georges Méliès at his own game.

Wilbur Wright and his Flying Machine Trailer (1909)

24 April 1909

The film begins with a shot of Wilbur Wright starting the engine; an unidentified assistant (quite likely his brother, Orville) is seen at the front of the aircraft.

How Foolshead Paid His Debts Trailer (1909)

31 March 1909

Cretinetti sidesteps his creditors using several amazing tricks.

The Colored Stenographer Trailer (1909)

02 January 1909

Directed by Edwin S. Porter.

Molière Trailer (1909)

07 September 1909

A film about the life of Molière (1622-1673).

Le voleur invisible Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A man in a suit and cap stops in front of the display of a bookseller, finds and flips… "Invisible Man" by H.

Slippery Jim Trailer (1909)

01 November 1909

Pickpock is behind bars. But more elusive than Arsène Lupin, no chain resists him and he plays with policemen like a cat with mice.

The Mill Trailer (1909)

16 December 1909

Johanna loves poor farmer Joachim, yet marries the wealthy miller. One day, Joachim visits Johanna when he is away.

Mr. Flip Trailer (1909)

12 May 1909

Mr. Flip flirts with every woman he sees, and ends up with a pie, shaving cream, and seltzer in his face.

Confidence Trailer (1909)

15 April 1909

Nellie flees her old life and goes east to become a nurse, where she marries a doctor. One of her old colleagues finds her and tries to blackmail her.

Lucky Jim Trailer (1909)

25 April 1909

Gertrude chooses Jim over Jack, which makes Jack very jealous. Later Jim dies, and Jack marries Gertrude.

In Old Kentucky Trailer (1909)

19 September 1909

Brothers George and Robert enlist on opposite sides in the Civil War. Robert is captured as a spy for the South, but escapes and hides in his parents' house.

The Race for a Monkey Trailer (1909)

16 November 1909

The incidents arising from the escape of a very lively specimen of the monkey tribe from its cage provide a series of scenes calculated to arouse many bursts of hearty laughter, for the animal makes very good use of his freedom, to the terror of every one.

The Prodigal Son Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A father has two sons, the older one serious and hard-working, the younger one spendthrift and pleasure-seeking.

The Hessian Renegades Trailer (1909)

05 September 1909

During the American Revolution, a young soldier carrying a crucial message to General Washington is spotted and pursued by a group of enemy soldiers.

The Life of Moses Trailer (1909)

02 January 1909

Directed by J. Stuart Blackton.

Klebolin klebt alles Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

A couple of kids lay their hands on a pot of very strong glue and proceed to wreak havoc.

The House of Cards Trailer (1909)

10 December 1909

The rancher whom Tom works for has entrusted Tom with a bag of gold to take to the bank. But on arriving at the bank, Tom finds that it is closed for the day.

Pippa Passes; or, The Song of Conscience Trailer (1909)

03 October 1909

Pippa awakes and faces the world outside with a song. Unknown to her, the music has a healing effect on all who hear her as she passes by.

The Golden Louis Trailer (1909)

22 February 1909

An anonymous donor drops a gold coin in the shoe of a homeless girl as she sleeps. A gambler with a 'sure thing' borrows the coin and wins a fortune, but he can't find her again to repay her.

La Tosca Trailer (1909)

14 March 1909

Rome, June 1800. Floria Tosca is a celebrated opera singer, better known as La Tosca. Her lover is Mario Cavaradossi, a young artist and Bomapartist sympathizer.

Boxing Fever Trailer (1909)

15 August 1909

Fairground boxing booth where visitors try to knock out the champion and win five pounds, the first contestants is knocked out but the very eager (and possibly drunk) third man knocks out the champion and overcome with "boxing fever" rushes out punching at everybody and everything he meets.

Héliogabale Trailer (1909)

01 January 1909

At the Altar Trailer (1909)

25 February 1909

At the Italian boarding house the male boarders were all smitten with the charms of Minnie, the landlady's pretty daughter, but she was of a poetic turn of mind and her soul soared above plebeianism and her aspirations were romantic.

Faust Trailer (1909)

24 December 1909

Faust, an aged philosopher and magician who has grown weary of life and has sought in vain for the secret of eternal youth, decides, after a night's long vigil, to call forth from the realms of darkness the evil one to aid him.

The Cricket on the Hearth Trailer (1909)

27 May 1909

After three years at sea, Edward returns home to find his sweetheart forced into an engagement with a much older man.

L'agent a le bras long Trailer (1909)

16 September 1909

"L'agent a le bras long" is truly a film about the long arm of the law. In this ultra-weird French short, a policeman has an amazing arm--one that stretches up to at least 10-12 feet.

Hansel and Gretel Trailer (1909)

14 October 1909

One of the first, of not the first, film adaptation of Grimm's fairytale.

A Strange Meeting Trailer (1909)

01 August 1909

Mary is coerced into helping with a burglary of a minister's apartment. Later she repents and goes to the minister's storefront mission to help.

Le chien de Montargis Trailer (1909)

02 September 1909

The aristocrat Macaire, out of jealousy, plans to ambush his comrade Montargis because the King favors him.

La leçon de musique Trailer (1909)

08 October 1909

A rehearsal of dancing heads?

TR's Arrival in Africa Trailer (1909)

14 August 1909

African animals, including a lookout monkey, await with trepidation the arrival of big-game hunter Theodore Roosevelt.

Edgar Allan Poe Trailer (1909)

08 February 1909

As Poe's lover is slowly dying he struggles to make money to care for her.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Trailer (1909)

25 December 1909

The worlds first screen adaptation of a Shakespeare play.

The Prince and the Pauper Trailer (1909)

03 August 1909

Directed by J. Searle Dawley.

Skoleskibet Georg Stage Trailer (1909)

04 November 1909

Documentary about the life on board Skoleskibet Georg Stage.

The Witch and the Bicyclist Trailer (1909)

29 August 1909

A weary cyclist settles down for a sleep at the roadside, only to dream that he has bumped into a witch.

The Lure of the Gown Trailer (1909)

15 March 1909

"Fine feathers make fine birds." and handsome gowns make handsome women, and a handsome woman is the most fascinating thing extant.

Matrimonio abissino Trailer (1909)

02 January 1909

Directed by Roberto Omegna.