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Frankenstein Trailer (1910)

18 March 1910

Frankenstein, a young medical student, trying to create the perfect human being, instead creates a misshapen monster.

The Fugitive Trailer (1910)

07 November 1910

Two Johns, a Confederate and an Union soldier, leave their families to go to the front. After a skirmish they end up separated from their respective sides, the Union soldier shoots the Confederate, but he has to escape and look for refuge in the house of his enemy.

The Doctor's Secret Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

Doctors blow to pieces a patient in a hydrotherapy machine and re-assemble him.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Trailer (1910)

24 March 1910

An early version of the classic, based more on the 1902 stage musical than on the original novel.

The Water Nymph Trailer (1910)

30 March 1910

'Rusalka' - or, 'Mermaid.' Based on Pushkin, an opera by Dargomizhsky, and other sources: A prince and a miller's daughter have been involved in a romance together, but now the prince tells her that he must break it off.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Trailer (1910)

09 November 1910

In the Border States Trailer (1910)

13 June 1910

During the Civil War, a father living in a border state leaves to join the Union Army. After he leaves, Confederate troops forage on his property, where a soldier encounters one of his daughters.

The Nativity Trailer (1910)

11 November 1910

A silent French film depicting the story of the nativity.

Flema inglesa Trailer (1910)

16 May 1910

A house is haunted by a spirit.

The Winter's Tale Trailer (1910)

27 May 1910

The first of six Shakespeare adaptations from Thanhouser, The Winter’s Tale was just the 13th or 14th title from the studio in its first nine weeks of releases.

Les chefs-d'oeuvre de Bébé Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

A child painter sells one of his paintings to an adult who appears to be surprised.

The Legend of Daphne Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

An ancient Greek legend comes to life, courtesy of the Gaumont studios.

A Flash of Light Trailer (1910)

17 July 1910

An experiment goes wrong and blinds a newly married chemist. The chemist's wife does not want to take on the burden of caring for the blind chemist so she has her younger sister take her place.

Living Marble Trailer (1910)

16 May 1910

Four gentlemen are talking in a beer-garden; during a short absence of one of them, who pretends to be an art lover, the others decide to make a prank on him.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

The Sanitarium Trailer (1910)

10 October 1910

A young man transforms his uncle's palatial residence into a sanitarium only to end up paying back the money his patients gave him.

The Truth Revealed Trailer (1910)

15 January 1910

A group of merry girls, carrying bundles of washing, are on their way to the stream, when one of the number, Mary, leaves the rest and meets a young farmer, John.

Werther Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Young Werther falls in love with Charlotte, Albert's fiancée. After the wedding, Charlotte still resists Werther's love and the latter decides to shoot himself with Albert's gun.

Le Lys d'or Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

The Madonna gives a golden lily to the poor musician. He tries to sell it and this arouses the suspicion of the goldsmith.

The Devil on Two Sticks Trailer (1910)

17 May 1910

A young man befriends a limping demon to get rid of a woman who's after him.

The Song That Reached His Heart Trailer (1910)

10 October 1910

A Story of the Lumber Regions of Western Canada: a lumberjack remember his past while he listens to a record of the song his fiancée used to sing him.

A Japanese Peach Boy Trailer (1910)

01 February 1910

The story begins with the finding of a wonderful peach which comes floating down a small stream and is brought to shore by a little Japanese woman, who takes it to her home.

A Child of the Ghetto Trailer (1910)

06 June 1910

After her mother's death, Ruth struggles to support herself as a seamstress. While Ruth delivers shirts to the factory owner, the owner's son steals some money and Ruth is accused of the crime.

Regina von Emmeritz och konung Gustaf II Adolf Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Directed by Gustaf Linden.

The Oath and the Man Trailer (1910)

21 September 1910

The Oath and the Man was directed by D W Griffith in 1910. Griffith is often out of his depth when he goes far back in history.

Daddy's Double Trailer (1910)

04 April 1910

This deft comedy about a foiled elopement and assumed identity shows the importance of a carefully worked out scenario for narrative flow.

The Seine Flood Trailer (1910)

31 January 1910

The 1910 Great Flood of Paris (French: Crue de la Seine de 1910) was a catastrophe in which the Seine River, carrying winter rains from its tributaries, flooded Paris agglomeration, France.

The Aerial Submarine Trailer (1910)

01 November 1910

Using a futuristic submarine, pirates kidnap a young couple, torpedo a passenger ship, travel under the sea to salvage bullion, then make their escape by taking to the air.

L'épée du spirite Trailer (1910)

16 May 1910

The Spirit Sword (L'Epee du spirite, 1910) by pioneer filmmaker Segundo de Chomón is a fantasy swashbuckler that opens with the arrival at an inn of a musketeer who possesses a magic sword.

Over Silent Paths Trailer (1910)

15 May 1910

In the heart of the American desert we find an old miner with his only daughter, he toiling day after day at his rocker-cradle in quest of the precious ore, while his pretty daughter keeps his camp and makes it as comfortable as possible in this wilderness.

Hasher's Delirium Trailer (1910)

21 May 1910

Comedy about hallucinations.

Richelieu; or: The Conspiracy Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Directed by J. Stuart Blackton.

Calino joue au billard Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

This short film depicts troubles and panics caused by Calino (Clément Mégé) around the billiard table.

A Tin-Type Romance Trailer (1910)

06 December 1910

Two nice young people become acquainted at the beach; a romance develops.

Les timidités de Rigadin Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

Shy Rigadin decides to visit some friends of the family, but they are called away and when out the servants play high society, dressing up and partying.

Une grande chasse à l'hippopotame sur le Haut Nil Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Directed by Alfred Machin.

Jane Eyre Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Directed by Theodore Marston.

Bébé apache Trailer (1910)

24 December 1910

Bébé's father is attacked by the "apaches", a group of hooligans. Bébé and his sister decide to avenge him by gaining the group's trust and bringing them into a trap.

The Stenographer's Friend; Or, What Was Accomplished by an Edison Business Phonograph Trailer (1910)

28 September 1910

It's a busy day at the office, and the stenographer is exhausted from trying to keep up with the demands on her skills.

A Peace of Coal Trailer (1910)

16 May 1910

A British trick film with stop-motion animation by an unknown film maker.

A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

The work done by men and women at the coal face and the pit head.

The Message of the Violin Trailer (1910)

01 January 1910

Short Griffith melodrama.

Anita Garibaldi Trailer (1910)

01 September 1910

The Romance of a Jockey Trailer (1910)

10 July 1910

A wealthy family disapproves of their sons girl so he leaves the family to be with the one he loves. But they are poor and he finds job as a jockey and gets hurt.

English Cup Final: Barnsley V. Newcastle United Trailer (1910)

04 November 1910

Short clip of Newcastle United v Barnsley FC in the 1910 FA cup final.

The Lesson Trailer (1910)

19 December 1910

Short drama about the commandment "honour your father and your mother".

Lieutenant Rose and the Gunrunners Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Lieutenant Rose poses as a woman to save the Governor's daughter from a rebel's cannon.

The Vicar of Wakefield Trailer (1910)

26 December 1910

Edwin Thanhouser re-made The Vicar of Wakefield in 1917 as a eight-reel feature film providing us with a frame of reference for the maturation of film language and cinematic techniques over the ensuing eight year period.

La revolución de Mayo Trailer (1910)

04 November 1910

La Revolución de Mayo (in Spanish, The May Revolution) is an Argentine silent movie made in 1909 and premiered in 1910.

The Woman Hater Trailer (1910)

26 September 1910

A man is captured by Indians after swearing off all women.

Amor ti vieta Trailer (1910)

02 January 1910

Directed by Alberto Botelho.

La creación del himno Trailer (1910)

04 November 1910

A political Argentinian film from Mario Gallo.

La Chasse à la girafe en Ouganda Trailer (1910)

01 November 1910

Shot in 1908, the film shows a half-fictionalized hunting expedition in Uganda.

A Woman's Treachery Trailer (1910)

09 January 1910

A man takes the blame for a maid who steals a necklace, but denounces her when she weds another.

The Master of a Fashionable Game Trailer (1910)

26 April 1910

The film presents a drawing room meeting of enthusiastic puzzle workers. One gentleman has a new way of solving his puzzle.

Aeroplane Flight and Wreck (Piloted by M. Cody) Trailer (1910)

23 June 1910

No Overview

Les Ficelles de Léontine Trailer (1910)

16 November 1910

A chase comedy: Léontine outwits everybody with string.

The History of a Butterfly: A Romance of Insect Life Trailer (1910)

03 June 1910

Directed by one of the pioneers of the cinematic industry, James Williamson, The History of a Butterfly - A Romance of Insect Life is an intriguing look at the life cycles of butterflies and moths.

Thunderbolt Trailer (1910)

11 November 1910

Frederick Ward is accused of cattle theft and sent to Cockatoo island for seven years. After he escapes he finds that his fiancée has died of grief.

Fra storstadens dyb Trailer (1910)

28 September 1910

A Danish crime drama set deep within Copenhagen.