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The Lonedale Operator Trailer (1911)

23 March 1911

A young woman takes over her sick father's role as telegraph operator at a railway station, and has to deal with a team intent on train robbery.

Dante's Inferno Trailer (1911)

01 July 1911

Loosely adapted from Dante's Divine Comedy and inspired by the illustrations of Gustav Doré the original silent film has been restored and has a new score by Tangerine Dream.

For Massa's Sake Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Short directed by Joseph A. Golden.

The Aerial Anarchists Trailer (1911)

31 August 1911

Anarchists build a super aircraft and bomb a railway, a fort and St. Paul's.

The Miser's Heart Trailer (1911)

20 November 1911

Thieves decide to steal the money an old miser has hidden away. He refuses to open the safe for themg

Ved Fængslets Port Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

The story about Aage, who in marrying the poor Anna, is disowned by his rich mother. Not being able to cope with the responsibility of entertaining his wife, he is forced to borrow money from his father-in-law.

Cinderella Trailer (1911)

21 December 1911

Elaborately produced version of the well known George O. Nichols fairy tale interrupted by just a few summarizing intertitles, with Florence LaBadie and Harry Benham.

Billy and His Pal Trailer (1911)

15 February 1911

Billy and His Pal, released on February 16, 1911, is about a cowboy, Jim (Francis Ford), who is idolised by young Billy (actress Edith Storey in drag).

The Black Dream Trailer (1911)

03 September 1911

The young circus performer Stella is adored by two men: An earl and a jeweler. She fancies the earl the most, but at some point the jeweler made advances to her and the earl hits him.

The Fall of Troy Trailer (1911)

16 March 1911

The Fall of Troy, is an Italian silent film of 1911 directed by John Pastrone and Luigi Romano Borgnetto.

Madame Sans-Gêne Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by André Calmettes and Henri Desfontaines.

The Funeral of Metropolitan Emilianos of Silyvria Trailer (1911)

31 December 1911

A six minute film of the funeral of the murdered Metropolitan Emilianos of Grevena, of which all has been lost save 17 seconds.

Crimes of Diogo Alves Trailer (1911)

25 April 1911

Diogo Alves is a Spanish fugitive that comes to the Portuguese capital terrorizing the inhabitants by his cut-throat methods against rich and poor people alike.

The Crusaders or Jerusalem Delivered Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Enrico Guazzoni.

The Hallucinations of Baron Munchausen Trailer (1911)

01 November 1911

After an evening of excessive wining and dining Baron Munchausen must be helped to bed by his servants.

The Primal Call Trailer (1911)

21 June 1911

A young woman who is engaged to a millionaire she doesn't love meets and falls in love with a rough sailor.

The Mummy Trailer (1911)

07 March 1911

An electric current accidentally brings a female mummy back to life with decidedly romantic inclinations, much to the surprise of a young Egyptologist and his less than understanding fiancée.

A Roman Orgy Trailer (1911)

24 November 1911

The tiran Emperor Heliogabalus lives a life of debauchery and set lions loose among his guests.

His Trust Trailer (1911)

16 January 1911

A Confederate officer is called off to war. He leaves his wife and daughter in the care of George, his faithful Negro servant.

Defence of Sevastopol Trailer (1911)

08 December 1911

First film ever that was shot by two cameras. Set in 1854-1855, in Sevastopol and Yalta during the Crimean War.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Esmeralda, a beautiful gypsy street dancer, arouses the desire of men, especially of Claude Frollo, the archdeacon of Notre Dame.

André Chénier Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

The life of French poet André Chénier, precursor of the Romantic movement, who was guillotined during the Revolution aged only 31.

A Tale of Two Cities Trailer (1911)

20 February 1911

A condensed silent film version of the Charles Dickens classic about the French Revolution and its subsequent Reign of Terror.

Mormonens offer Trailer (1911)

02 October 1911

A Mormon missionary seduces and kidnaps an attractive young woman, forcing her to accompany him to Utah to become one of his wives.

The Four Devils Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Copenhagen. Two poor boys are sold to a circus and are trained together with two girls. Their first show is a success.

Vanity Fair Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Charles Kent.

The Trust, or The Battle of Money Trailer (1911)

09 November 1911

A young inventor is kidnapped to force him to tell the secret of his invention, but he foils his captors thanks to a pen with invisible ink.

Aida Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Oscar Apfel and J. Searle Dawley.

Rudi na záletech Trailer (1911)

04 March 1911

A comedy short with a guy getting chased around the beach which creates a few funny scenes.

Lady Godiva Trailer (1911)

20 October 1911

The story of how Lady Godiva came to ride naked through the streets of Coventry.

The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole Trailer (1911)

06 August 1911

The story is founded on fact. In a village on the south coast of England, young Margaret Catchpole is being courted by two rivals, Will Laud, a smuggler, and Lieutenant Barry of the coast guards.

Swords and Hearts Trailer (1911)

27 August 1911

A poor girl is secretly in love with a wealthy young planter.

Troublesome Secretaries Trailer (1911)

20 August 1911

This is basically a two practical-joke comedy. Bunny is a businessman father and Mabel plays Betty, his lovable daughter.

In the Grip of Alcohol Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Gérard Bourgeois.

Amour et musique Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

Working apart, a pair of off-key male and female street performers are assaulted by unappreciative music lovers.

The First Film of Palestine Trailer (1911)

04 November 1911

Abstract: Scenes of the Holy Land at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Squaw's Love Trailer (1911)

13 September 1911

Wild Flower follows her banished lover, Gray Fox, into the wilderness. Her departure is witnessed by Silver Fawn, who mistakenly thinks Wild Flower is stealing her fiancé.

Alkali Ike's Auto Trailer (1911)

19 May 1911

Alkali Ike and Mustang Pete are both wooing the same woman. Ike hopes to take her for a horseback ride, but she chooses instead to go with Pete, who has a horse and carriage.

Corrispondenza cinematografica dal teatro della guerra italo-turca Trailer (1911)

16 October 1911

Series of nine split-reel documentaries chronicling the Italian-Turkish War.

The Adventures of Billy Trailer (1911)

18 October 1911

Billy witnesses two tramps accidentally kill someone during a robbery. The tramps lock him up and decide that he must be killed, too.

Get Rich Quick Trailer (1911)

25 May 1911

An investment plan that tells potential investors they can "get rich quickly" turns out to be a swindle, and investors are in danger of losing all their money.

The Guilty One Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by René Leprince.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin Trailer (1911)

31 July 1911

Silent film drama...

Sleepy Hollow Trailer (1911)

11 January 1911

Count Ulrich II of Celje and Ladislaus Hunyadi Trailer (1911)

16 May 1911

Set in the 15th century and shows the clash of the Hungarian regent Ladislaus (Vladislava) Hunyadi with Count Ulrich II of Celje.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1911)

29 June 1911

Silent romantic drama....

Banks of the Nile Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

With a dual motion a cruise ship and a fishing boat pass one another on the Nile and butlers in turbans set up a wooden gangway.

Max Is Convalescent Trailer (1911)

26 October 1911

To reassure his fans, Max Linder has been filming with his family at his place of convalescence...

In Old Madrid Trailer (1911)

20 March 1911

A young Spanish couple want to be together, but are hindered by the girl's parents. They try a ruse to get a chance to be alone, but it is discovered.

Revolution in a Bachelors' Club Trailer (1911)

25 October 1911

Paul Panzer returns home from a night out with the boys at his bachelor's club. He wanders into the wrong apartment, where, of course, a young woman resides and panic ensues.

Raggio di sole Trailer (1911)

17 November 1911

A Italian lady gets kidnapped by Turks and the Italian Army comes to the rescue!

The Turkish Sultan Mehmed V Resad Visiting Bitola Trailer (1911)

24 January 1911

Newsreel of the visit of sultan Mehmed V Resad to Bitola.

Fate's Turning Trailer (1911)

22 January 1911

A young girl working as a waitress at a resort for the wealthy is swept off her feet by a rich young gentleman, and before she knows it, she's pregnant.

The Strength and Agility of Insects Trailer (1911)

04 August 1911

A short, early documentary work showing insects exhibiting extreme strength and agility.

Burgos Trailer (1911)

09 September 1911

One of the best looking of the hand-stenciled films: a documentary showing some of the sites around Burgos.

The Villain Foiled Trailer (1911)

30 August 1911

A Mack Sennett comedy for Biograph released as a split reel along with the comedy The Baron.

Zigoto plombier d'occasion Trailer (1911)

10 June 1911

A French comedy short with Zigoto.

Black George Trailer (1911)

01 January 1911

The first feature film made in Serbia, "Black George" is a biography of Karađorđe, the famed leader of the rebellion against the Turkish empire in 1804, tracing his whole life from childhood until his death in 1817.

Ungdommens Ret Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by August Blom.

The Vipers Trailer (1911)

02 January 1911

Directed by Louis Feuillade.