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The Birth of a Nation Trailer (1915)

08 February 1915

The Birth of A Nation is a silent film from 1915 and the highest grossing silent film in film history.

His New Job Trailer (1915)

01 February 1915

When one of the actors on a movie set doesn't show up, Charlie gets his chance to be on camera and replaces the actor.

Shanghaied Trailer (1915)

04 October 1915

A shipowner intends to scuttle his ship on its last voyage to get the insurance money. Charlie, a tramp in love with the owner's daughter, is grabbed by the captain and promises to help him shanghai some seamen.

A Night in the Show Trailer (1915)

20 November 1915

Mr. Pest tries several theatre seats before winding up in front in a fight with the conductor. He is thrown out.

Work Trailer (1915)

21 June 1915

Charlie and his boss have difficulties just getting to the house they are going to wallpaper. The householder is angry because he can't get breakfast and his wife is screaming at the maid as they arrive.

The Cheat Trailer (1915)

13 December 1915

A venal, spoiled stockbroker's wife impulsively embezzles $10,000 from the charity she chairs and desperately turns to a Burmese ivory trader to replace the stolen money.

The Tramp Trailer (1915)

12 April 1915

The Little Fellow finds the girl of his dreams and work on a family farm. He helps defend the farm against criminals, and all seems well, until he discovers the girl of his dreams already has someone in her life.

A Jitney Elopement Trailer (1915)

01 April 1915

Edna's father wants her to marry wealthy Count He-Ha. Charlie, Edna's true love, impersonates the Count at dinner, but the real Count shows up and Charlie is thrown out.

A Night Out Trailer (1915)

15 February 1915

After a visit to a pub, Charlie and Ben cause a ruckus at a posh restaurant. Charlie later finds himself in a compromising position at a hotel with the head waiter's wife.

A Woman Trailer (1915)

12 July 1915

Mother, father and daughter go to the park. The women doze off on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a girl, blindfolded.

By the Sea Trailer (1915)

29 April 1915

It is windy at a bathing resort. After fighting with one of the two husbands, Charlie approaches Edna while the two husbands themselves fight over ice cream.

Fatty's Tintype Tangle Trailer (1915)

26 July 1915

Hubby and wifey are in love, but he's henpecked by her mother. A nip of whiskey gives him Dutch courage, and he storms out, declaring he won't be a domestic slave anymore.

The Champion Trailer (1915)

11 March 1915

Walking along with his bulldog, Charlie finds a "good luck" horseshoe just as he passes a training camp advertising for a boxing partner "who can take a beating.

In the Park Trailer (1915)

18 March 1915

A tramp steals a girl's handbag, but when he tries to pick Charlie's pocket loses his cigarettes and matches.

The Bank Trailer (1915)

09 August 1915

In a departure from the tramp character, Chaplin plays a janitor at a bank. Edna Purviance plays the secretary on whom Charlie has a crush and dreams that she has fallen in love with him.

The Hungarian Nabob Trailer (1915)

01 December 1915

After Count John Karpathy, belovedly known as the Nabob, falls ill while entertaining the peasants of his estate, his dissolute nephew and sole heir, Count Bela, comes home from Paris to acquire his inheritance.

Triple entente Trailer (1915)

01 May 1915

Short romantic comedy starring Musidora as a capricious woman.

The Golem Trailer (1915)

15 January 1915

In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers, is found in the rubble of an old synagogue in the 20th century.

Love in Armor Trailer (1915)

11 March 1915

Mae Busch and Charley Chase are in love. However, her father does not approve. A Baron sees Mae and concocts a fake kidnapping in order to get her attention.

Those of Our Land Trailer (1915)

22 November 1915

Fatty and Mabel’s Simple Life Trailer (1915)

17 January 1915

Fatty is a farm hand at Mabel's father's place. He and Mabel love each other, but dad wants to marry Mabel off to the landowner's son in exchange for tearing up the mortgage.

Hearts and Planets Trailer (1915)

20 February 1915

A 1915 short film directed by Walter Wright.

The Case of Becky Trailer (1915)

13 September 1915

When a young girl is placed under hypnotism, it's discovered that she has a split personality.

Assunta Spina Trailer (1915)

27 October 1915

Assunta and Michele are in love but others come between them and there is much jealousy.

The Sea Vultures Trailer (1915)

16 June 1915

Two smugglers meet two customs officers at sea, and happen to kill them. The story continues fifteen years later when a son of one of the officers and a smuggler's daughter fall in love with each other.

The Madness of Dr. Tube Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

A scientist develops a powder that he believes will have the effect of distorting reality for those who take it.

The Black Box Trailer (1915)

08 March 1915

Science fiction serial, presumed lost.

Gaucho Nobility Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

Don José Gran, a rich businessman from Buenos Aires, travels to La Pampa in search for horses. He hires Juan, a noble gaucho that tames horses for a living, to aid him in his search.

Vanity Fair Trailer (1915)

05 October 1915

"Vanity Fair" is a historical drama, based on the classic English novel written by William Thackeray, featuring Shirley Mason.

Madame Butterfly Trailer (1915)

06 November 1915

The story of a Japanese woman and the tragedy that ensues when she loves an American naval officer.

His Regeneration Trailer (1915)

07 May 1915

A rough criminal gets into an argument over a girl in a dance hall.

Le Noël du poilu Trailer (1915)

16 December 1915

A soldier during World War 1 wants to be reunited with his family for Christmas.

Hämnaren Trailer (1915)

05 September 1915

Hämnaren (The Avenger) was made in 1915, and was rediscovered in Berlin in 2001. It begins with a woman named Ester, who is reading a letter and crying.

The Italian Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

An immigrant leaves his sweetheart in Italy to find a better life across the sea in the grimy slums of New York.

A Burlesque on Carmen Trailer (1915)

18 December 1915

This film is a parody of Cecil B. DeMille's Carmen of 1915. A gypsy seductress is sent to sway a goofy officer to allow a smuggling run.

The Lily of Belgium Trailer (1915)

10 October 1915

When a young girl finds a beautiful dead lily in the woods, she asks her grandfather to tell her about it.

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers Trailer (1915)

14 May 1915

When a rich 'mothball magnate' checks into a hotel with his family, the mashers come out of the woodwork to woo his daughter (Fatty Arbuckle.

Those Bitter Sweets Trailer (1915)

07 June 1915

Dell takes girlfriend Mae out for a ride in his Chevy but has to contend with romantic rival Dell, another one of Mae's suitors.

In Danger's Path Trailer (1915)

26 June 1915

Helen is captured by two yeggmen who throw her into a refrigerator car; finding a meat hook, she chops her way into the ice chamber and reaches the top of the train in time to avert a collision of two trains.

Diana, l'affascinatrice Trailer (1915)

20 November 1915

Diana is assigned to find out the details of the enemy's war tactics. Together with her partner in crime, Robertson, she manages to get in touch with Captain Argo and retrieves secret information.

Alias Jimmy Valentine Trailer (1915)

22 February 1915

A very early heist movie.

Ambrose's Lofty Perch Trailer (1915)

02 April 1915

King Ambrose chooses a queen from among the maidens of his kingdom. After they are married, Robin, a young man the queen had known earlier, attempts to steal her from her royal husband.

Sonny Jim and the Amusement Company, Ltd. Trailer (1915)

12 September 1915

A short comedy in which Jimmy organizes a show with cowboys and Indians. The highlight is the arrival of Buffalo Bill on a donkey.

Revolutionsbryllup Trailer (1915)

18 November 1915

A Danish dramatization of Sophus Michaëlis' play "Revolutionshochzeit" (Revolutionary Wedding).

Do-Re-Mi-Boom! Trailer (1915)

07 April 1915

A man falls in love with a piano player and tries to woo her.

The Man from Texas Trailer (1915)

02 March 1915

A cowboy gets a message that his sister's husband has left her and she is in trouble. When he gets there, he finds her dead.

The Lily and the Rose Trailer (1915)

06 November 1915

Early melodrama with Lillian Gish.

Wished on Mabel Trailer (1915)

18 April 1915

As Mabel is in the park with her over-protective mother, she sees her boyfriend and asks him to join them.

The Leap from the Water Tower Trailer (1915)

09 January 1915

Rand, a vengeful discharged fireman, tampers with the airbrakes of a large freight locomotive making them useless on the long descent from the summit of Pine Hill to Lone Point the following day.

The Escape on the Fast Freight Trailer (1915)

05 February 1915

Two yeggmen hold up Helen, on night duty at Ferndale, lock her in a closet, and escape. Later, standing on a bridge over the freight yards, Helen sees the two bandits aboard an outgoing freight, and drops onto the roof of the car from above as it crosses underneath.

Gussle's Backward Way Trailer (1915)

02 May 1915

This film concerns the adventures of Gussle, played by Sydney Chaplin, in Big Bear Lake area of California.

Love, Loot and Crash Trailer (1915)

23 April 1915

A flustered father seeks a cook for his kitchen, his daughter seeks to elope and a pair of crooks seek to get some loot.

Martyrs of the Alamo Trailer (1915)

20 November 1915

The story of the defense of the mission-turned-fortress by 185 Texans against an overwhelming Mexican army in 1836.

Fatty’s Chance Acquaintance Trailer (1915)

07 March 1915

Fatty and his domineering wife visit the park, where they encounter a pair of pickpockets.

Fatty’s Plucky Pup Trailer (1915)

27 June 1915

Four bad men have kidnapped Fatty's girlfriend and plan to kill her. Fatty's dog knows where she is, but Fatty doesn't and he was crying.

The Warrens of Virginia Trailer (1915)

14 February 1915

As the Civil War begins Ned Burton leaves his Southern love Agatha Warren and joins the Union army. He is later protected and saved from death by Agatha in spite of her loyalty to the South.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: Women's Styles Trailer (1915)

01 January 1915

A domestic comedy about the McGinis family--husband Aloysius, wife Clarice, daughter Julie, and housemaid Belladonna.

The Immigrant Trailer (1915)

31 July 1915

Directed by Febo Mari.

The Life of Abraham Lincoln Trailer (1915)

26 February 1915

This short 1915 Edison film stars Frank McGlynn as the famous president from his marriage to assassination by Booth.

Ambrose's Fury Trailer (1915)

24 March 1915

A couple of roving husbands are caught at the seashore by their wives.