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The Phantom Carriage Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

It's New Year's Eve. Three drunkards evoke a legend. The legend tells that the last person to die in a year, if he is a great sinner, will have to drive during the whole year the Phantom Chariot, the one that picks up the souls of the dead.

The Boat Trailer (1921)

10 November 1921

Buster's handmade boat, The Damfino, is finished and is, of course, too large to get through the basement door.

The Kid Trailer (1921)

21 January 1921

Considered one of Charlie Chaplin's best films, The Kid also made a star of little Jackie Coogan, who plays a boy cared for by The Tramp when he's abandoned by his mother, Edna.

Destiny Trailer (1921)

06 October 1921

As a young couple stops and rests in a small village inn, the man is abducted by Death and is sequestered behind a huge doorless, windowless wall.

The 'High Sign' Trailer (1921)

18 April 1921

Buster is thrown off a train near an amusement park. There he gets a job in a shooting gallery run by the Blinking Buzzards mob.

The Goat Trailer (1921)

14 May 1921

A series of adventures begins when Buster is mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil bad guy.

Brewster's Millions Trailer (1921)

28 January 1921

Monte Brewster learns that he has inherited $10 million from his late grandfather, but then learns that he must spend $2 million in less than a year and remain unmarried to inherit the rest of the money.

The Play House Trailer (1921)

26 October 1921

The opening scene, a dream sequence prior to the vaudeville routines which follow, is what makes this film famous.

Trailin' Trailer (1921)

11 December 1921

A Tom Mix classic! Tom is a devil-may-care aristocrat whose father has mysteriously concealed all info about his deceased mother.

The Haunted House Trailer (1921)

21 February 1921

Buster Keaton is a bank teller who becomes involved with a hold-up, counterfeiters, and a theatrical troupe posing as spooks in a haunted house.

Orphans of the Storm Trailer (1921)

28 December 1921

Henriette and Louise, a foundling, are raised together as sisters. When Louise goes blind, Henriette swears to take care of her forever.

The Blot Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

The Professor dispenses the wisdom of the ages and does not make a living wage. The sons of the rich and powerful are students lacking any motivation.

The Wildcat Trailer (1921)

12 April 1921

A charismatic lieutenant newly assigned to a remote fort is captured by a group of mountain bandits, thus setting in motion a madcap farce that is Lubitsch at his most unrestrained.

The Idle Class Trailer (1921)

25 September 1921

A tramp sneaks into a upper class golf resort. The tramp meets a rich woman who is having an argument with her drunken husband.

The Ace of Hearts Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

A romantic rivalry among members of a secret society becomes even tenser when one of the men is assigned to carry out an assassination.

The Dark Road Trailer (1921)

21 January 1921

It depicts the tribulations of Dr. Egil Boerne, who deserts his fiancée Helene for the cabaret dancer Lily.

The Haunted Castle Trailer (1921)

07 April 1921

The sinister Count Oetsch scandalizes the aristocratic social gathering at Castle Vogelod as he announces his intention to "crash" the festivities.

The Sheik Trailer (1921)

20 November 1921

Sheik Ahmed (Valentino) desperately desires fiesty British socialite Diana (Ayres), so he abducts her and carries her off to his luxurious desert tent-palace.

Danton Trailer (1921)

03 May 1921

No overview found.

The Indian Tomb: Part II, the Tiger of Bengal Trailer (1921)

21 October 1921

Howard is infected with leprosy, Mac Allen was captured by the Maharadsha, and now the Maharadsha offers Irene a deal: one night for letting healing Howard.

Among Those Present Trailer (1921)

29 May 1921

An ambitious coat-room checker impersonates an English nobleman.

Leap Year Trailer (1921)

26 April 1921

A young man, heir to his misogynistic and millionaire uncle, and in love with a nurse, gets in trouble when he gives advice on marriage to his girlfriends.

Queen of Atlantis Trailer (1921)

28 May 1921

Two men, lost in the desert, meet Queen Antinea, ruler of Atlantis.

Behind Masks Trailer (1921)

23 July 1921

Jeanne, an orphaned young heiress, is about to be married off to an elderly man by her scheming aunt, who stands to make money on the marriage, a fact of which Jeanne is unaware.

The Dollar-a-Year Man Trailer (1921)

02 April 1921

Hijinks surrounding the attendance of a Prince at a Yacht Club dinner.

Brownie's Little Venus Trailer (1921)

13 September 1921

A 1921 American silent short film directed by Fred Hibbard for Century Film Company and starring Baby Peggy and Brownie the dog.

Värmlänningarna Trailer (1921)

23 October 1921

The film tells the story of Herr Erik ( Herr Tor Weijden ), a Swedish youngster and the son of a wealthy farmer.

Manhatta Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

Morning reveals New York harbor, the wharves, the Brooklyn Bridge. A ferry boat docks, disgorging its huddled mass.

Hard Luck Trailer (1921)

14 March 1921

A down on his luck young man makes several attempts at committing suicide but fails them too. He then finds himself becoming more confident through a series of petty adventures, to such an extent that this becomes his undoing.

Dodge Your Debts Trailer (1921)

16 October 1921

A top-hatted bill collector is given the unenviable assignment of collecting the debts of a bad-tempered innkeeper.

Newman Laugh-O-Grams Trailer (1921)

19 December 1921

Still cartoons and animation in a newsreel format.

The Island of the Lost Trailer (1921)

21 November 1921

A loose and unofficial silent adaptation of H. G. Wells' The Island Of Dr. Moreau

Shattered Trailer (1921)

27 May 1921

Scherben is about the everyday lives of a railway trackman, his wife and daughter in a remote, isolated house in a winter landscape, Mayer and Pick introduce increasingly stronger disturbances into their daily routines.

The Slave Market Trailer (1921)

23 November 1921

Immigrants drama where a poor Italian girl almost falls into the hands of white slave traders when she goes to New York.

High & Dry Trailer (1921)

12 February 1921

Jimmie Adams and Sid Smith comedy produced by Jack White and distributed by Educational.

Mad Love Trailer (1921)

09 September 1921

The drama begins when handsome Johannes Riemann (as Richard de la Croix) is summoned to an asylum, to check on insane brother Alfred Abel (as Andreas de la Croix).

Annabelle Lee Trailer (1921)

20 May 1921

This drama was based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Indian Tomb: Part I, the Mission of the Yogi Trailer (1921)

21 October 1921

Three Oxford graduates -- Robert Allen (Paul Richter), Carl Langland (Olaf Fonss) and Indian Prince Ayan (Conrad Veidt) -- pledge to remain devoted to one another.

The Bakery Trailer (1921)

19 June 1921

Well-meaning but accident-prone bakery employee Larry is involved in numerous slapstick mishaps on the job.

Burn 'Em Up Barnes Trailer (1921)

01 August 1921

Car racer Burn 'em Up Barnes, son of a wealthy manufacturer, leaves home to make his own way in the world.

The Star of Bethlehem Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

No overview found.

Tischlein deck dich, Eselein streck dich, Knüppel aus dem Sack Trailer (1921)

08 December 1921

Fairy tale about a taylor with three sons: the fat one, the tall one and the idiot one. The three decide to go on a journey to try their luck.

The Love Light Trailer (1921)

08 January 1921

Angela maintains a coastal lighthouse in Italy, where she awaits the return of her brothers from the war.

Hamlet Trailer (1921)

08 February 1921

Danish silent movie-star Asta Nielsen formed her own production company to make this film, in which new elements are combined with features (and a few lines) familiar from Shakespeare's version of the legend.

The Beggar Maid Trailer (1921)

25 September 1921

The painter Burne-Jones and his famed painting "The Beggar Maid" are depicted in this speculative drama about the creation of the painting.

Ready to Serve Trailer (1921)

02 April 1921

Snooky the Human-Zee is a farm hand.

Príchozí z temnot Trailer (1921)

14 October 1921

Shot in the early 1920s, this classic film about the elixir of life and the secret of the Black Tower has finally been restored to its original version.

Invisible Ink Trailer (1921)

03 December 1921

Koko The Clown continually interrupts an animator, who turns his attention to trapping the clown.

Holy Smoke Trailer (1921)

27 February 1921

Jimmie Adams comedy produced by Educational.

The Hound of the Baskervilles Trailer (1921)

01 August 1921

After the death in suspicious circumstances of Charles Baskerville, the last descendant of the lineage of the Baskervilles, Henry, returned to the old family mansion.

The Three Musketeers Trailer (1921)

28 August 1921

The young Gascon D'Artagnan arrives in Paris, his heart set on joining the king's Musketeers. He is taken under the wings of three of the most respected and feared Musketeers, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Trailer (1921)

01 January 1921

Set immediately before World War I, it deals with a rich Argentine family, one branch recently arrived from France, the other from Germany.

Four Around a Woman Trailer (1921)

03 February 1921

The merchant Yquem buys his dear wife a beautiful jewel with matching earnings in a place where the city's underworld trades in fake and stolen jewelry.

Gustave est médium Trailer (1921)

01 November 1921

Gustave (Biscot) realizes he has acquired a telekinetic power.

Boys Will Be Boys Trailer (1921)

05 May 1921

Peep O'Day, an orphan in a small Kentucky town, falls heir to a small fortune and begins to make up for all the lost pleasure of childhood, but Sublette, a crooked attorney, arranges for an eastern belle to show up as Peep's "niece" to steal his fortune.

The Iron Trail Trailer (1921)

29 October 1921

Silent adventure...

Lichtspiel opus I Trailer (1921)

26 April 1921

Against a dark background, several bright, curved or rounded shapes pulse towards the center of the screen, one at a time.

Âme belge Trailer (1921)

23 November 1921

Espionage movie about a German-Belgian family in occupied Brussels, and besides, an ode to the heroîsm of the Belgian soldier.

Name the Day Trailer (1921)

20 August 1921

Snub Pollard and Marie Mosquini are to be married, with Ernie Morrison as their best man. It's the usual gag-filled Pollard one-reeler, with William Gillespie pointing out that if she wants to get married, he has a marriage license too.

Crazy to Marry Trailer (1921)

28 August 1921

A doctor who believes he can cure criminals takes on a big challenge.