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Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Trailer (1927)

23 September 1927

A married farmer falls under the spell of a slatternly woman from the city, who tries to convince him to drown his wife.

Metropolis Trailer (1927)

10 January 1927

In a futuristic city sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog Trailer (1927)

14 February 1927

A landlady suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London.

Wings Trailer (1927)

12 August 1927

Two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I.

The Ring Trailer (1927)

01 October 1927

Jack Saunders and Bob Corby are two boxers in love with Nellie. Jack and Nellie are married but their marriage is flat so she starts to look to Bob for comfort.

College Trailer (1927)

10 September 1927

To reconcile with his girlfriend, a bookish college student tries to become an athlete.

Napoleon Trailer (1927)

07 April 1927

A massive 5 1/2 hour biopic of Napoleon, tracing his career from his schooldays (where a snowball fight is staged like a military campaign), his flight from Corsica, through the French Revolution (where a real storm is intercut with a political storm) and the Terror, culminating in his triumphant invasion of Italy in 1797 (the film stops there because it was intended to be part one of six, but director Abel Gance never raised the money to make the other five).

The Kid Brother Trailer (1927)

17 January 1927

The most important family in Hickoryville is (naturally enough) the Hickorys, with sheriff Jim and his tough manly sons Leo and Olin.

The Unknown Trailer (1927)

04 June 1927

Lon Chaney is carnival knife thrower Alonzo the Armless and Joan Crawford is the scantily clad carnival girl he hopes to marry.

Underworld Trailer (1927)

20 August 1927

Boisterous gangster kingpin Bull Weed rehabilitates his former lawyer from his alcoholic haze, but complications arise when he falls for Weed's girlfriend.

The Jazz Singer Trailer (1927)

06 October 1927

The Jazz Singer is the first full length feature film to use sound. Director Alan Crosland created the precursor of musical films.

Downhill Trailer (1927)

24 October 1927

Public schoolboy Roddy Berwick is expelled from school when he takes the blame for a friend's theft and his life falls apart in a series of misadventures.

The Battle of the Century Trailer (1927)

31 December 1927

Fight manager (Hardy) takes out an insurance policy on his puny pugilist (Laurel) and then proceeds to try to arrange for an accident so that he can collect.

London After Midnight Trailer (1927)

17 December 1927

When Roger Balfour is found shot dead in his London home, his death is declared a suicide by Inspector Burke of Scotland Yard, even though the executor of Balfour's estate, Sir James Hamlin, insists his friend never would have taken his own life.

7th Heaven Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

A dejected Parisian sewer worker feels his prayers have been answered when he falls in love with a street waif.

Die Villa im Tiergarten Trailer (1927)

23 January 1927

Silent film social drama

The Way of All Flesh Trailer (1927)

01 October 1927

The story takes place in Milwaukee during the early 1900s with a bank clerk named August Schiller who is happy with both his job and his family.

Call of the Cuckoo Trailer (1927)

15 October 1927

Mishaps befall a new home owner located next door to an insane asylum.

Love Trailer (1927)

28 November 1927

In Czarist Russia, Anna Karenina falls in love with the dashing military officer Count Vronsky and abandons her husband and child to become Vronsky's mistress.

Putting Pants on Philip Trailer (1927)

03 December 1927

Pompous J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Hardy), greets his nephew from Scotland (Laurel,) who arrives in kilts.

The Red Mill Trailer (1927)

29 January 1927

Marion Davies stars in this 1927 silent comedy, about a servant girl who plays matchmaker for the local burgomaster's daughter while setting her own sights on a visiting Irishman.

The Phantom Buster Trailer (1927)

13 August 1927

Mr. Wu Trailer (1927)

26 March 1927

Raised by his grandfather to adhere to the ancient laws of China, Mandarin Wu is a strict authoritarian.

The Girl with the Hat Box Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

Young and beautiful girl (Anna Sten), lives in Moscow, earning a making hats for the fashion store in Moscow.

The End of St. Petersburg Trailer (1927)

13 December 1927

The End of St. Petersburg (Russian: Конец Санкт-Петербурга, translit. Konets Sankt-Peterburga) is a 1927 silent film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and produced by Mezhrabpom.

Sailors, Beware! Trailer (1927)

25 September 1927

A con artist and a midget dressed as her infant son, are unmasked aboard a ship by a steward (Laurel)

Topsy and Eva Trailer (1927)

26 July 1927

Topsy is the main character in this movie. When the black girl who "jes' growed" is auctioned as a slave but nobody will bid on her, Little Eva purchases Topsy for a nickel.

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City Trailer (1927)

23 September 1927

Berlin is Walter Ruttmanns black and white documentary of Berlin in 1927. The big city symphony shows a day in the life of metropolitan Berlin.

The Pride of Pikeville Trailer (1927)

05 June 1927

Unlikely Lothario, the less-than-dashing crossed-eyed Ben Turoin, finds himself pursued by many beautiful ladies.

Trolley Troubles Trailer (1927)

05 September 1927

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit runs a trolley, but finds the job is more trouble than its worth in his debut

Duck Soup Trailer (1927)

13 March 1927

Fleeing a group of forest rangers, who are rounding up tramps to serve as firefighters, they take refuge in a mansion.

The Love of Jeanne Ney Trailer (1927)

06 December 1927

In the Crimean War, Jeanne discovers that the man she loves is a Bolshevik when he kills her father.

Naughty But Nice Trailer (1927)

25 June 1927

Rickety Gin Trailer (1927)

26 December 1927

Oswald plays a cop who woos a nurse who wanders into the park. Pete then gets Oswald drunk and woos the nurse wearing Oswald's stolen uniform.

Vanity Trailer (1927)

09 May 1927

Barbara Fiske, a beautiful girl of social standing, is about to be married to Lloyd Van Courtland. On the eve of their marriage, she foolishly pays a visit to a colorful steamship captain aboard his ship.

The Forty-First Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

A young woman snarpshooter fighting with the Reds in Turkestan misses her forty-first victim, a handsome White lieutenant, and ends up escorting him, by boat, into captivity across the Aral Sea.

Nevada Trailer (1927)

01 August 1927

Nevada is a 1927 movie based upon a Zane Grey novel and starring Gary Cooper, Thelma Todd, and William Powell.

Fiddlesticks Trailer (1927)

27 November 1927

Harry will do anything to be a musician, but it takes a junk collector to discover his hidden talents.

Tarzan and the Golden Lion Trailer (1927)

20 March 1927

Flora Hawks is in love with the overseer of Tarzan's African estate. After a search for a legendary city of diamonds, Tarzon races with his pet lion Jad-bal-ja to save Haws from being sacrificed to a lion-god.

The Drop Kick Trailer (1927)

25 September 1927

College football player Jack Hamill finds his reputation on the line when he pays an innocent visit to a woman whose husband kills himself.

Pantáta Bezoušek Trailer (1927)

14 January 1927

A Carl Lamac directed movie based on a novel by Karel Václav Rais.

Sugar Daddies Trailer (1927)

10 September 1927

After a night of carousing, a rich oil tycoon awakes to find that he was married the night before. He calls in his lawyer (Laurel) to straighten things out.

Mockery Trailer (1927)

13 August 1927

There is hunger in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. Dim-witted peasant Sergei is searching corpses for food.

The Sea Tiger Trailer (1927)

27 February 1927

Silent Film drama...now a lost film.

A Dog of the Regiment Trailer (1927)

29 October 1927

A Rin Tin Tin adventure

Old San Francisco Trailer (1927)

04 September 1927

A Romance of the Days When 'Frisco Was the Paris of America!---The Barbary Coast!---The Fire of 1906d

Twelve Miles Out Trailer (1927)

08 July 1927

Jerry always wins in his rivalry with Red over women, gunrunning, and diamond smuggling. While running booze into the U.

The Cradle Snatchers Trailer (1927)

28 May 1927

To cure their flirtatious husbands of consorting with flappers, three wives -Susan Martin, Ethel Drake, and Kitty Ladd- arrange with three college boys -Henry Winton, Oscar, and Joe Valley- to flirt with them at a house party.

Spring Fever Trailer (1927)

22 October 1927

Kelly's employer, Waters, is such a keen golfer that he asks Kelly to help him improve his game at an exclusive country club.

The Glorious Fourth Trailer (1927)

26 June 1927

The Glorious Fourth is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 62nd Our Gang short subject released.

Twenty-Four-Dollar Island Trailer (1927)

03 December 1927

This rarity (cut about by Pathé and at one point apparently used as backdrop for a ballet) is a celebration of Manhattan on the 300th anniversary of its purchase from the locals at a knockdown price.

The Ocean Hop Trailer (1927)

14 November 1927

Oswald the Rabbit enters an airplane race with a makeshift aircraft and ends up riding a dachshund lifted into the air by balloons.

Hotel Imperial Trailer (1927)

01 January 1927

During World War I, an Austrian officer is trapped behind the Russian lines. He tries to sneak through to his own lines, but is forced to take refuge in a small hotel, where he is hidden by the establishment's chambermaid.

Alice's Three Bad Eggs Trailer (1927)

14 May 1927

Alice and Julius have to hold their western fort against The Three Bad Eggs and a band of marauding Indians.

Lunch Hound Trailer (1927)

03 March 1927

The film starts with Lantz in person slapping some paint on the bottom of a canvas, turning it over and the paint drips down to create a forest that his dog pal can live in.

Slipping Wives Trailer (1927)

03 March 1927

Neglected by her husband, our heroine decides to make him jealous by getting the handyman (Laurel) to play a literary genius at a party and flirt with her.

Annie Laurie Trailer (1927)

10 May 1927

The story of the famous battle between the Scots clans of Macdonald and Campbell, and the young woman who comes between them, Annie Laurie.

The Yankee Clipper Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927

A race between a British clipper ship and an American ship of a new design will determine the right to transport Chinese tea.

House in the Snow-Drifts Trailer (1927)

01 April 1927

An adaptation of Evgenii Zamiatin’s short story “The Cave,” about a musician dying of hunger in his large, unheated Petersburg apartment because he was not needed in the revolutionary city.

The Gaucho Trailer (1927)

21 November 1927

A girl is saved by a miracle after she falls from a cliff in the Argentine Andes, and is blessed with healing powers.