La presidenta municipal Trailer

La presidenta municipal Trailer (1975)

11 September 1975 Drama, Comedy 95 mins

La India Maria becomes the municipal president due to a ballot typo.

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María Elena Velasco

as María Nicolasa Cruz

María Elena Velasco

as María Nicolasa Cruz (as La India Maria)

Adalberto Martínez

as Cabo Melquiades

Adalberto Martínez

as Cabo Melquiades (as Resortes 'Adalberto Martinez')

Pancho Córdova

as Mr. Peppermint

Rolando Barral

as Rolando Barral

Fernando Soto

as Don Chepito Domínguez (as Fernando Soto 'Mantequilla')

Fernando Soto

as Don Chepito Domínguez

Joaquín García Vargas (Borolas)

as Secretario López (as Joaquín García 'Borolas')

Raúl Meraz

as Don Mario Nicanor Cruz

Polo Ortín

as Lic. Hugo Topillo

Alfonso Zayas

as Secretario Rodríguez

Antonio Bravo

as Señor cura


Alfredo Varela

Alfredo Varela Adaptation

Sergio Guerrero

Original Music Composer

Fernando Colín

Fernando Colín Director of Photography

Fernando Durán Rojas

Fernando Durán Rojas Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

Mexico 11 September 1975

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