Preparation for the Festival Trailer

Preparation for the Festival Trailer (1975)

08 November 1975 Drama 117 mins

Tateo, young and neurotic, wishes to leave the village his mother has raised him in.

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Jun Etô

as Tateo Oki

Haruko Mabuchi

as Tokiyo Oki

Hajime Hana

as Kiyoma Oki

Yoshio Harada

as Toshihiro Nakajima

Keiko Takeshita

as Ryoko Kamioka

Jun Hamamura

as Shigeyoshi Oki

Miki Sugimoto

as Miyoko Nakajima

Yudai Ishiyama

as Sadakazu Nakajima

Sue Mitobe

as Yasu Nakajima


Takeo Kimura

Takeo Kimura Art Direction

Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki Cinematography

Teizô Matsumura

Original Music Composer

Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki Director of Photography

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