Eleanor and Franklin Trailer

Eleanor and Franklin Trailer (1976)

11 January 1976 Drama, TV Movie 240 mins

The story of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, from early youth to his election as President of the United States, as told from Eleanor's point of view.

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Jane Alexander

as Eleanor Roosevelt, age 18-60

Edward Herrmann

as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, age 20-50

Rosemary Murphy

as Sara Delano Roosevelt

Pamela Franklin

as Anna Hall

David Huffman

as Elliott Roosevelt, Sr.

Mackenzie Phillips

as Eleanor Roosevelt, age 14

Lilia Skala

as Mlle. Souvestre, school headmistress

Ed Flanders

as Louis Howe

Helen Kleeb

as Daisy

Peggy McCay

as Grace Tully

Anna Lee

as Laura Delano

Irene Tedrow

as Mary Hall

Devon Ericson

as Corinne Robinson

Linda Purl

as Alice Roosevelt, age 14-20

William Phipps

as Theodore Roosevelt

Ted Eccles

as Franklin Roosevelt, age 16


John Barry

Original Music Composer

Edward R. Brown

Edward R. Brown Director of Photography

Paul Lohmann

Paul Lohmann Director of Photography

Jan Scott

Jan Scott Production Design

Antony Mondello

Antony Mondello Set Decoration

Joe I. Tompkins

Joe I. Tompkins Costume Design

Audrey Maas

Audrey Maas Producer

David Susskind

David Susskind Executive Producer

Ross Brown

Ross Brown Casting

International Releases Dates

United States 11 January 1976

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