Karate from Shaolin Temple Trailer

Karate from Shaolin Temple Trailer (1976)

27 November 1976 Drama, Action

The Japanese karate master Musashi (Kazama) resided some time in Hong Kong for various styles of Shaolin martial arts to study. Soon there were calls on the narcotics squad to help in the fight against a powerful drug and prostitution syndicate. Entirely filmed on location in Hong Kong.

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Kenji Kazama

as Musashi Yamanaka

Henry Yu Yung

as Wu Chung-Hin

Junko Igarashi

as Reiko Shibata

Kitty Meng Chui

as Wu King-Heung [Kyoka]

Fung Ngai

as Chow Yin-Nin

Tong Tin-Hei

as Devil Chen

Yuen Siu-Tin

as Yuen Yun

Bill Lake

as Tiger

Fanny Leung

as Wu Lan-Fang

Cheung Chok-Chow

as Wu Wei-Chen

International Titles

少林寺拳法 Trailer

Shorinji Kempo: Musashi Hong Kong ni arawaru Trailer

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