Killer Clans Trailer

Killer Clans Trailer (1976)

19 March 1976 Drama, Action 91 mins

As two rival clans vie for dominance in a martial world where loyalty and honor can be bought and friends become enemies, a peerless swordsman (Chung Wa) discovers that the only thing truly worth fighting for is love.

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Chung Wa

as Meng Sheng Wen

Elliot Ngok

as Lu Hsiang Chuan

Ku Feng

as Uncle Sun Yu

Wong Chung

as Sun Chien

Lo Lieh

as Han Tang

Danny Lee Sau-Yin

as Hsiao Tieh, Sun Chien's friend

Yeung Chi-Hing

as Lu Man Tien, Navigator of Lung Men Soc

Cheng Miu

as I Hsien Lung, Helmsman of Lung Men Soc

Ngaai Fei

as I Fu

Wang Hsieh

as Chief of Roc Society

Lam Wai-Tiu

as Nan Kung Yuan

Chen Ping

as Sister Ko

Ling Yun

as Yeh Hsiang

Fan Mei-Sheng

as Ma Fung Chung

Teresa Ha Ping

as Yu Hsia

Kong Yeung

as Sun Chu

International Titles

Die Herrschaft des Schwertes Trailer

Killer Clans Trailer

Killer Clans - Die Herrschaft des Schwertes Trailer

Clanes asesinos Trailer

La guerre des clans Trailer

Symmories thanatou Trailer

Liu xing hu die jian Trailer

Killer Clans Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 03 December 2007

Denmark 29 March 2004

Hong Kong 19 March 1976

Production Companies

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