The Smurfs and the Magic Flute Trailer

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute Trailer (1976)

"You're in for a" 07 October 1976 Adventure, Animated, Family 71 mins

Welcome to Smurfland, home of the Smurf. No bigger than your hand, and with blue skin, they sing and dance and make magic flutes. A villain named McCreep steals the Smurfs' magic flute, an instrument that makes people dance wildly, and uses it to rob them. The Smurf King sends out Peewit to track down the thief and retrieve the flute. Now Johan and Pirlouit must get it back at all costs, so they head to the magical kingdom of Smurfs to ask for their help.

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Georges Atlas

as Sénéchal (voice)

William Coryn

as Johan (voice)

Henri Crémieux

as Homnibus (voice)

Jacques Dynam

as Mortaille (voice)

Michel Modo

as Pirlouit (voice)

Jacques Ciron

as Visitor

Roger Crouzet

as Smurf 2

Michel Elias

as Papa Smurf

Ginette Garcin

as Dame Barde

Henri Labussière

as Fisherman




Michel Legrand

Original Music Composer

Paulette Melloul

Paulette Melloul Art Direction

Jacques Delfosse

Jacques Delfosse Camera Operator

François Léonard

François Léonard Camera Operator

Marcel van Steenhuyse

Marcel van Steenhuyse Camera Operator

International Titles

Os Smurfs e A Flauta Mágica Trailer

La flûte à 6 Schtroumpfs Trailer

Smølferne og Den Fortryllede Fløjte Trailer

La flauta dels 6 Barrufets Trailer

Il Flauto A 6 Puffi Trailer

Smurfarna och den förtrollade flöjten Trailer

The Smurfs And The Magic Flute Trailer

International Releases Dates

Belgium 07 October 1976

Germany 07 October 1976

Denmark 06 November 2012

France 16 December 1976

Netherlands 15 December 1977

Sweden 18 December 1976

United States 25 November 1983

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