Zofia Trailer

Zofia Trailer (1976)

28 November 1976 Drama 95 mins

Zofia is an elderly woman living in an retirement home. Separate from the rest, she talks seldom and then only about visiting her daughter's family for Christmas. When she comes to her daughter's home unannounced, her stay is spoiled by the damage to her son-in-law doctorate bookmarks which she removed unknowingly during dusting. She then spends Christmas in an empty restaurant, surrounded by waiters and musicians waiting to be tipped.

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Andrzej Balcerzak

as Dyrektor domu starców

Jerzy Block

as Pensjonariusz domu starców

Jadwiga Chojnacka

as Pensjonariuszka domu starców

Halina Buyno-Loza

as Pensjonariuszka domu starców

Andrzej Gazdeczka

as Rezyser filmu Zofia

Henryk Hunko

as Pijaczek w mordowni

Alicja Jachiewicz

as córka Zofii

Celina Niedzwiecka

as Pensjonariuszka domu starców

Czeslaw Niemen

as Artista wystejucapy dla strców

Jerzy Nowak

as Kelner w mordowni


Czeslaw Swirta

Czeslaw Swirta Cinematography

Roman Wolyniec

Roman Wolyniec Production Design

Andrzej Haliński

Andrzej Haliński Art Direction

Krystyna Szczepanek

Krystyna Szczepanek Set Decoration

Alicja Wasilewska

Alicja Wasilewska Costume Design

Zbigniew Dobracki

Zbigniew Dobracki Makeup Artist

Laurencja Pater

Laurencja Pater Makeup Artist

Jerzy Bugajski

Jerzy Bugajski Unit Production Manager

Józef Chrzanowski

Józef Chrzanowski Unit Production Manager

Jerzy Ciemnolonski

Jerzy Ciemnolonski Unit Production Manager

Zbigniew Tolloczko

Zbigniew Tolloczko Production Manager

Malgorzata Raszek-Zaliwska

Malgorzata Raszek-Zaliwska Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

Hungary 22 February 1979

Poland 28 November 1976

Portugal 01 September 1977

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