Pas på ryggen, professor! Trailer

Pas på ryggen, professor! Trailer (1977)

19 August 1977 Comedy

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Ulf Pilgaard

as Professor Oscar Latour / Gert Latour

Brigitte Kolerus

as Cecilie Fabel

Lily Broberg

as Cecilies mor

Jørgen Buckhøj

as Anders Gløk-Jensen

Helle Virkner

as Fru Andersen

Ove Verner Hansen

as Hr. Andersen

Karl Stegger

as Kriminalassistent

Henning Palner

as Kriminalbetjent

Kirsten Walther

as Kerstins mor

Poul Reichhardt

as O.C., Kerstins far

Vera Gebuhr

as Husholdersken Trunte

Ghita Nørby

as Madame Natasha

Karen Lykkehus

as Tante Anna

Michael Lindvad

as Agent i gul frakke


Jens Okking


International Releases Dates

Denmark 19 August 1977

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