The Devil's Ballad Trailer

The Devil's Ballad Trailer (1977)

02 April 1977 Mystery 144 mins

A serial killer responsible for 7 minors' deaths thus far seems to kill to a particular rhythm, which the authorities must identify to catch him.

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Kôji Ishizaka

as Kôsuke Kindaichi

Keiko Kishi

as Rika Aochi

Yoko Takahashi

as Yasuko Yura - Kanao's Girlfriend

Mitsuko Kusabue

as Atsuko Yura - Yasuko's Mother

Hisano Yamaoka

as Ito Izutsu

Misako Watanabe

as Harue Bessho - Chi'e's Mother

Takeshi Katô

as Inspector Tachibana

Hideji Ôtaki

as Dr. Gondô

Nobuo Nakamura

as Hôan Tatara

Nobuto Okamoto

as Police Officer Nakamura

Eiko Nagashima

as Satoko Aochi - Rika's Daughter

Kayoko Shiraishi

as Sakie Tsukasa - Fumiko's Mother

Fujio Tokita

as Tatsuzô - Harue's Elder Brother

Akiji Kobayashi

as Hisakabe - Chi'e's Manager

Kazunaga Tsuji

as Detective Nozu

Takao Zushi

as Toshirô Yura - Yasuko's Elder Brother

International Titles

Rhyme of Vengeance Trailer

The Devil's Bouncing Ball Song Trailer

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