The Incredible Melting Man Trailer

The Incredible Melting Man Trailer (1977)

"The First New Horror Creature" 10 November 1977 Horror, Sci-Fi 84 mins

An astronaut exposed to cosmic rays outside of Saturn's rings returns to Earth and begins to melt away. Escaping from the hospital, he wanders around the backwoods looking for human flesh to eat.

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Alex Rebar

as Steve West (The Melting Man)

Burr DeBenning

as Dr. Ted Nelson

Myron Healey

as General Michael Perry

Michael Alldredge

as Sheriff Neil Blake

Michael Alldredge

as Sheriff Neil Blake

Ann Sweeny

as Judy Nelson

Lisle Wilson

as Dr. Loring

Cheryl Smith

as The Model (as Rainbeaux Smith)

Chris Witney

as Little Boy

Edwin Max

as Harold

Janus Blythe

as Nell Winters

Jonathan Demme

as Matt Winters

Westbrook Claridge

as Second Security Guard


Arlon Ober

Original Music Composer

Willy Curtis

Willy Curtis Director of Photography

Michel Levesque

Michel Levesque Art Direction

Rick Baker

Rick Baker Makeup Effects

International Titles

Der Planet Saturn läßt schön grüßen Trailer

Der Planet Saturn läßt schön grüßen (1977) Trailer

Der Planet Saturn lässt schön grüßen Trailer

Le monstre qui vient de l'espace Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 10 November 1977

United States 01 December 1977

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