Crippled Avengers Trailer

Crippled Avengers Trailer (1978)

20 December 1978 Drama, Action, Foreign 100 mins

Crippled Avengers is a 1978 Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Chang Cheh and starring four members of the Venom Mob. It has been released in North America as Mortal Combat and Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms. The film follows a group of martial artists seeking revenge after being crippled by Tu Tin-To (Chen Kuan Tai), a martial arts master, and his son (Lu Feng).

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Chen Kuan-Tai

as Black Tiger Dao Tian-Du

Lo Meng

as Blacksmith Wei Jia-Jie

Sun Chien

as Hu Ah-Kue

Lu Feng

as Dao Chang

Yeung Hung

as Master Jiu Gao Feng

Yu Tai-Ping

as Archer Lin

Tony Tam Chun-To

as Master Law Bo

Cheng Miu

as Master Li Jing Ying


Chang Cheh


Mona Fong

Mona Fong Producer

International Titles

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International Releases Dates

Germany 13 November 2013

Denmark 14 November 1995

France 29 September 1982

Hong Kong 20 December 1978

United States 31 October 1981

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