Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid Trailer

Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid Trailer (1978)

26 May 1978 Comedy, Western, TV Movie 90 mins

A turn-of-the-century lady investigator named Kate Bliss goes to the wide-open spaces of the wild west to capture a gang of outlaws led by a charming Robin Hood criminal of the plains, leading a band of dispossessed ranchers against a stuffy English land baron who has cheated them out of their property.

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Suzanne Pleshette

as Kate Bliss

Deborah Romare

as Woman in Office

Don Meredith

as Clint Allison

Harry Morgan

as Hugo Peavey

Tony Randall

as Lord Seymour Devery

Burgess Meredith

as William Blackstone

Jerry Hardin

as Bud Dozier

Gene Evans

as Fred Williker

Alice Hirson

as Beth Dozier

Harry Carey, Jr.

as Deputy Luke

Don Barry

as Devery's Foreman

Richard Herd

as Donovan

John Lone

as Houseman


Douglas S. Cramer

Douglas S. Cramer Executive Producer

Shelley Hull

Shelley Hull Associate Producer

Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling Executive Producer

E. Duke Vincent

E. Duke Vincent Supervising Producer

Lamar Boren

Lamar Boren Director of Photography

Jeff Alexander

Original Music Composer

Alfeo Bocchicchio

Alfeo Bocchicchio Art Direction

Paul Sylos

Paul Sylos Art Direction

International Releases Dates

United States 26 May 1978

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