Legend Of The Bat Trailer

Legend Of The Bat Trailer (1978)

08 July 1978 Drama, Action, Foreign 102 mins

Following "Clans Of Intrigue"'s success, director Chu Yuan, novelist Ku Lung, and superstar Ti Lung re-teamed for another adventure featuring sexy knight Chu Liu-Hsiang. This time, he travels to the mysterious Island Of The Bats, where he encounters treacherous monks, beautiful women, and a strange Prince. The movie is also a significant milestone in the amount of female flesh revealed on screen, proving that Shaw movies can balance the yin of cheesecake with the yang of beefcake.

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Ti Lung

as Chu Liuxiang

Ling Yun

as Zhongyuan Yidianhong

Derek Yee Tung-Sing

as Bat Prince Yuan Suiyun

Elliot Ngok

as Li Yuhan

Ching Li

as Liu Wuming

Wong Chung

as Kao Chi Cheng

On-on Yu

as Kam Ling Chi

Yuen Wah

as Zhi's mute bodyguard

Norman Chu

as Hsiang Fei Tian

Ku Kuan-Chung

as White-haired master in red

Lau Wing

as Yun's brother

Wang Lai

as Master Fumei

Lau Wai-Ling

as Gao Ya Nan

Cheng Miu

as Priest Tieshan / Zhi's father

Ngaai Fei

as Lung Wu

Yeung Chi-Hing

as Gongsun Jiemin


Chor Yuen


Mona Fong

Mona Fong Producer

International Titles

Bat Island Adventure Trailer

Clans of Intrigue 2 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 08 July 1978

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