Me and Charly Trailer

Me and Charly Trailer (1978)

19 March 1978 Drama 98 mins

Steffen is a good kid, a teenager who has recently finished school and is looking for work. He lives with his widowed mother, a newspaper reporter. Very little throws him off his stride, whether it is his girlfriend's jealousy of his friendship with Charly, a reform-school boy, or his mother's drunken, playful amorousness one night, because he reminds her of his father.

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Allan Olsen

as Charly

Helle Nielsen

as Majbritt

Ghita Nørby

as Helle, Steffens mor

Finn Nielsen

as Jørgen, pressefotograf, Helles ven

Jens Okking

as Auto-Gunnar, Majbritts far

Else Højgaard

as Majbritts farmor

Erno Müller

as Forstander på ungdomshjem

Per Pallesen

as Hans, lærer på ungdomshjem

Johnny Olsen

as Værelseskammerat

Ole Larsen

as Gammel mand

Karl Stegger

as Grillbar-indehaver

Steffen Frank Keilberg

as Gæst ved party

Palle Gram

as Majbritts nye fyr

Otto Brandenburg

as Journalist

Erik Clausen

as Gøgler


Marit Jensen

Marit Jensen Script Supervisor

Lars Kolvig

Lars Kolvig Production Office Assistant

Steffen Damsgård

Steffen Damsgård Production Office Assistant

Peter Høimark

Peter Høimark Production Design

International Titles

De hvide hænder Trailer

Mig og Charly 1 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Denmark 19 March 1978

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