Rabbit Test Trailer

Rabbit Test Trailer (1978)

09 April 1978 Comedy 84 mins

Lionel's life turns around after a one-night stand on top of a pinball table... he becomes the world's first pregnant man!

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Billy Crystal

as Lionel Carpenter

Joan Prather

as Segoynia Savaka

Doris Roberts

as Mrs. Carpenter

Alex Rocco

as Sgt. Danny Bonhoff

Roddy McDowall

as Gypsy Grandmother / Dr. Fishbine

Imogene Coca

as Madam Marie

Richard Deacon

as Newscaster

Alice Ghostley

as Nurse Tumm

George Gobel

as President Of The United States

Fannie Flagg

as First Lady

Norman Fell

as Mr. Savaka

Paul Lynde

as Dr. Vidal

Sheree North

as Mystery Lady

Charlotte Rae

as Claire

Jimmie Walker

as Umbuto

Billy Barty

as Lester


Joan Rivers


Robert Kinoshita

Robert Kinoshita Art Direction

Pete Carpenter

Original Music Composer

Lucien Ballard

Lucien Ballard Director of Photography


Donfeld Costume Supervisor

International Releases Dates

United States 09 April 1978

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