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Suddenly, Love Trailer (1978)

04 December 1978 Drama 100 mins

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Drew Barrymore

as Bobbi Graham

Cindy Williams

as Regina Malloy

Paul Shenar

as Jack Graham

Eileen Heckart

as Mrs. Malloy

Joan Bennett

as Mrs. Graham

Scott Brady

as Mr. Malloy

Lew Ayres

as Mr. Graham

Kurt Kasznar

as Dr. Luria

Kristine DeBell

as Helen Malloy

Hayden Rorke

as Mr. Webster

Lulu Baxter

as Regina im alter von 8 Jahren

Nancy Fox

as Jane

John Creamer

as Alter Priester

Richard Rorke

as Junger Priester

Max Keller

as Student

Linwood Boomer

as Dave Busby


Ross Hunter

Ross Hunter Producer

David Rose

Original Music Composer

Robert B. Hauser

Robert B. Hauser Director of Photography

Kim Swados

Kim Swados Art Direction

Guy C. Verhille

Guy C. Verhille Costume Design

International Releases Dates

United States 04 December 1978

Production Companies

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