The Five Venoms Trailer

The Five Venoms Trailer (1978)

"Pick Your Poison!" 12 August 1978 Action, Foreign 98 mins

A kung-fu student is instructed by his dying teacher to track down five of the teacher's ex-students. Each of the five is equipped with a lethal martial arts skill, and the teacher fears this might be used for evil purposes. However, not only does the teacher not know the identity of the students (who all wore masks under his training), but some of the students also don't know each other!

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Chiang Sheng

as Yang De, last student of the Venom House

Philip Kwok Chun-Fung

as Meng Tianxia, the Lizard/Constable He Yu

Sun Chien

as Gao Ji, the Scorpion/Chief Constable Ma

Lu Feng

as Zhang Yiaotian, the Centipede/Tan Shanhu

Lo Meng

as Liang Shen, the Toad/Li Hao

Wai Pak

as Qi Dong, the Snake/Hong Wentong

Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

as Justice Wang

International Titles

Die unbesiegbaren Fuenf Trailer

Los cinco Venenos Trailer

Viisi vaskitsaa Trailer

Cinq venins mortels Trailer

五毒 Trailer

Mérges shaolinok Trailer

Le furie umane del kung fu Trailer

Пять злодеев Trailer

Bes Zehir Trailer

5 Deadly Venoms Trailer

The Five Deadly Venoms Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 27 March 2006

United Kingdom 14 September 1994

United States 12 August 1978

Production Companies

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