Godzina W Trailer

Godzina W Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

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Jerzy Gudejko

as "Czarny"

Piotr Łysak

as Andrzej

Wojciech Wysocki

as "Witold"

Tomasz Stockinger

as Powstaniec

Irena Laskowska

as Matka Teresy

Katarzyna Łaniewska

as Matka Jacka

Tadeusz Chudecki

as "Kędzierzawy"

Tomasz Dedek

as Strzelec "Orzeł"

Jan Piechociński

as "Jastrząb"

Jarosław Domin

as Józek "Nowy"

Wojciech Adamczyk

as Felek, podkomendny Jacka

Wojciech Magnuski

as Strzelec "Kanarek"

Stanisław Bieliński

as Ojciec Andrzeja

Andrzej Ferenc

as Kapral "Ariosto"

International Releases Dates

Poland 16 January 1980

United States 01 January 1979

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