Master with Cracked Fingers Trailer

Master with Cracked Fingers Trailer (1979)

"As a boy he was taught the secrets of Kung Fu, now he will use them to avenge his father's death." 01 January 1979 Drama, Action, Comedy 80 mins

Young Jackie was intrigued by Kung-Fu since an early age, but his father strictly forbade its practice. One day, he meets an old beggar who offers to teach Jackie how to fight. Jackie grows up to be quite good though he keeps his knowledge a secret until he is forced to fight by an extortion ring that's putting the squeeze on his uncle's restaurant.

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Jackie Chan

as Ah Lung (Hsiao Hu)

Jackie Chan

as Chan Yuan Lung

Yuen Siu-Tin

as Old Master (as Hsao Ten Juan)

Chen Hung-Lieh

as Chow Bin (Lu Chi)

Shu Pei-Pei

as Hsiao Lam

Dean Shek

as Landlord (as Shth Tien)

Tien Feng

as Jackie's Foster father (as Chang Chin)

Kwok Choi Hon

as Little Frog (as Kuo Tas Han)

Hon Gwok-Choi

as Little Frog

Yuen Biao

as Pickpocket (as Bill Yuen)

Kwan Chung

as Lai Shan, 3rd Brother

Tai San

as Hsiao Lee, 3rd Brother's thug

Sze-Ma Wah-Lung

as Foster father's friend

Hui Gam

as 3rd Brother's thug

Yuen Biao

as Chow's thug

Ma Chien-Tang

as Chow's thug


Mu Zhu


Gam Yam


International Titles

A Vingança do Dragão Trailer

Kung-fu Kid Trailer

Mistr s drtícími prsty Trailer

'The Master' mit den gebrochenen Händen Trailer

Der Meister mit den gebrochenen Haenden Trailer

Der Tiger Von Kwantung Trailer

Die Rache der Todesfaust Trailer

La furia de Jackie Trailer

廣東小老虎 Trailer

Guang dong xiao lao hu Trailer

Little Tiger from Kwantung Trailer

Little Tiger of Canton Trailer

The Cub Tiger from Kwangtung Trailer

Мастер со сломанными пальцами Trailer

Master with Cracked Fingers Trailer

Snake Fist Fighter Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 01 January 1979

United States 01 January 1971

Production Companies

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