Monkey Kung Fu Trailer

Monkey Kung Fu Trailer (1979)

05 May 1979 Action, Foreign

A small-time crook goes in search of the other half of a wooden keepsake which will lead him to the legendary kung fu technique of the Gibbon Clan Fist.

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Chiu-sing Hau

as Chao-shen Hou

Ching Siu-Tung

as Wei Chung

Chiu-sing Hau

as Zhou (Gibbon pupil)

Lam Fai-Wong

as Kung fu instructor

Ping Fong

as Brothel madam

Shum Lo

as Restaurant owner

Wong Mei-Mei

as Kung Fu Master at kung-fu school

Tony Leung Siu-Hung

as Tung's eyepatch fighter/Thug [two roles]

Cheng Chiang

as Ma Siu Tien / Tung's red headband fight

Wan Fat

as Tung's grey hair fighter

Kwan Fung

as Tung Hei Fung / Tung Jin Man

Lee Chun-Wa

as Blacksmith

Sham Chin-Bo

as Kung Fu assistant instructor

Wong Wing

as Old street performer

Benz Kong To-Hoi

as Master Ma, Birdcage man

Wang Han-Chen

as Chief warden

International Titles

Stroke of Death Trailer

Hurra, die Knochenbrecher sind da! Trailer

Monkey Fist, Floating Snake Trailer

Monkey Kung Fu Trailer

Drunken Monkey Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 05 May 1979

Production Companies

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