Sooner or Later Trailer

Sooner or Later Trailer (1979)

25 March 1979 Drama, Romance, Family 96 mins

Thirteen-year-old Jessie is in love with Michael, a 17-year-old guitar instructor and aspiring musician. When she finally captures his interest, she lies and tells him she's 16. But what will Michael do when he discovers the truth?

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Denise Miller

as Jessie Walters

Rex Smith

as Michael Skye

Judd Hirsch

as Bob Walters

Barbara Feldon

as Lois Walters

Jedd Hirsch

as Bob Walters

Lilia Skala

as Grandma Esther

Vivian Blaine

as Make-up artist

Morey Anasterdam

as Eddie Nova

Lynn Redgrave

as The teacher

Morey Amsterdam

as Eddie Nova

Edward Green

as Dr. Donnie

Paul Mones

as Connie

Paul Mones

as Agnes


Carole Hart

Carole Hart Producer

Edward R. Brown

Edward R. Brown Cinematography

Stephen Hendrickson

Stephen Hendrickson Art Direction

Stephen Hendrickson

Stephen Hendrickson Costume Design

William F. Reynolds

William F. Reynolds Property Master

Kim H. Ornitz

Kim H. Ornitz Sound Engineer

James Perdue

James Perdue Sound Recordist

Daniel Rosenblum

Daniel Rosenblum Sound Recordist

Peter Garbarini

Peter Garbarini Camera Operator

Bruce Hart


International Releases Dates

United States 25 March 1979

Production Companies

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