The Adventures of Prince Florisel Trailer

The Adventures of Prince Florisel Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979 Adventure, Comedy, Mystery 206 mins

A mostly comical tale of all-powerful and wealthy Bavarian prince adventures that started when prince was seeking to deal with the boredom. Joining the Club of Suicide society, he uncovered the mastermind criminal behind it, and vowed to get rid of him by any means necessary, following deaths of several servants when dreaded president of club makes dashing escape. During that point, story changes into nearly second movie, as prince has to uncover yet another crime.

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Oleg Dal

as Принц Флоризель

Donatas Banionis

as Ник Николс, "Председатель"

Igor Dmitriev

as Полковник Джеральдин

Lyubov Polishchuk

as Жанетт

Boris Novikov

as Генерал Венделер

Yelena Solovey

as леди Венделер

Mikhail Pugovkin

as садовник Рэберн

Yelena Tsyplakova

as Джоан, дочь Николса

Vladimir Shevelkov

as Гарри Хартли

Yevgeni Kindinov

as Саймон Роллз, богослов

Vladimir Basov

as Инспектор Трентон

Askhab Abakarov

as Перкинс

Valentin Golubenko

as гангстер Сэм-универсал

Igor Yankovsky

as Джеральдин-младший

Vitali Ilyin

as Марк, слуга Флоризеля

Vladimir Losev

as член «Клуба самоубийц»

International Titles

Клуб самоубийц, или Приключения титулованной особы Trailer

Klub samoubiyts, ili Priklyucheniya titulovannoy osoby Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 01 January 1979

United States 11 November 1979

Production Companies

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