The Man Who Stole The Sun Trailer

The Man Who Stole The Sun Trailer (1979)

06 October 1979 Action, Thriller, Crime 147 mins

A high-school teacher (Bunta Sugawara) builds an atomic bomb to hold Tokyo hostage, then cannot decide what he wants.

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Bunta Sugawara

as Inspector Yamashita

Kenji Sawada

as Makoto Kido

Kimiko Ikegami

as Zero Sawai

Kazuo Kitamura

as Tanaka, the director of the National Police Agency

Shigeru Kôyama

as Nakayama

Kei Satô

as Dr. Ichikawa

Yûnosuke Itô

as Bus Hijacker

Eimei Esumi

as Egawa

Hiroshi Gojo

as Identikit Officer

Yudai Ishiyama

as Detective Ishikawa

Rika Kayama

as Student

Hôsei Komatsu

as Loan Officer

Kiyoshi Kurosawa

as Suspect on tv news

Kôjirô Kusanagi

as Technician of Phone Company

Yutaka Mizutani

as Police Officer


Kei Ijichi

Kei Ijichi Producer

Takayuki Inoue

Original Music Composer

Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki Cinematography

Yoshinaga Yoko'o

Yoshinaga Yoko'o Production Design

Shinji Sômai

Shinji Sômai Assistant Director

Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki Director of Photography

International Titles

Taiyō o nusunda otoko Trailer

Taiyô wo nusunda otoko Trailer

The Man Who Stole the Sun Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 09 October 1980

Production Companies

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