Der Thronfolger Trailer

Der Thronfolger Trailer (1980)

10 August 1980 Drama, History

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Günter Strack

as Friedrich Wilhelm I. von Preußen

Maria Schell

as Königin Sophia Dorothea

Jan Niklas

as Hans Hermann von Katte

Siegfried Wischnewski

as August von Sachsen

Jan Kollwitz

as Kronprinz Friedrich

Yvonne May

as Prinzessin Wilhelmine

Dietlinde Turban

as Doris Ritter

Mijou Kovacs

as Gräfin Orczelska

Wolfgang Büttner

as General von Finkenstein

Peter Pasetti

as Graf Seckendorf


International Releases Dates

Germany 10 August 1980

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