First Family Trailer

First Family Trailer (1980)

25 December 1980 Comedy 97 mins

The president (Bob Newhart) and his boozing wife (Madeline Kahn) go to Africa to bargain for their abducted daughter's (Gilda Radner) return.

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Gilda Radner

as Gloria Link

Bob Newhart

as President Manfred Link

Madeline Kahn

as Constance Link

Richard Benjamin

as Press Secretary Bunthorne

Bob Dishy

as Vice-President Shockley

Harvey Korman

as U.N. Ambassador Spender

Austin Pendleton

as Dr. Alexander Grade

Rip Torn

as JCS Chairman G. E. Dumpston

William Sylvester

as TV Interviewer

Bobby Porter

as Senator from Rhode Island

Buck Henry

as Father Sandstone

Fred Willard

as Presidential Assistant Feebleman

Julius Harris

as Ambassador Longo

Roger Aaron Brown

as Longo's Left Hand Man

Art Evans

as Longo's Right Hand Man

Warren Munson

as Justice Beatrice Barstow


Buck Henry


Fred J. Koenekamp

Fred J. Koenekamp Cinematography

Karen Rea

Karen Rea Casting

William Hiney

William Hiney Art Direction

Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson Set Decoration

May Routh

May Routh Costume Design

Charles H. Schram

Charles H. Schram Makeup Artist

Vivienne Walker

Vivienne Walker Hairstylist

Pat Suraci

Pat Suraci Boom Operator

Bob MacDonald Jr.

Bob MacDonald Jr. Special Effects

Edward Morey III

Edward Morey III Camera Operator

Toni Basil

Toni Basil Choreographer

International Releases Dates

United States 25 December 1980

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