For the Matches Trailer

For the Matches Trailer (1980)

18 January 1980 Comedy 100 mins

In Eastern Finland, in Liperi to be exact, Anna-Liisa Ihalainen asks her husband Antti to get some matches from the Ihalainen household. Unfortunately that trip takes a little longer than expected...

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Evgeni Leonov

as Антти Ихалайнен

Vyacheslav Nevinnyy

as Юсси Ватанен

Georgiy Vitsin

as Тахво Кенонен

Galina Polskikh

as Кайса Кархутар

Sergei Filippov

as Хювяринен

Nina Grebeshkova

as жена Хювяринена

Vera Ivleva

as Анна-Кайса Хювяринен

Mikhail Pugovkin

as полицмейстер

Leonid Kuravlyov

as крестьянин

Aleksandr Shirvindt

as рассказчик, озвучка

Rita Polster

as Анна-Лиза Ихалайнен

Ritva Valkama

as Миина Сормунен

Kauko Helovirta

as Тарвелайнен, констебель

Leo Lastumäki

as Мулон Партанен

Olavi Ahonen

as Вилле Хуттунен

International Titles

Out to Borrow Matches Trailer

Borrowing Matchsticks Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 18 January 1980

United States 02 February 1980

Production Companies

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