Loulou Trailer

Loulou Trailer (1980)

08 September 1980 Drama, Romance, Foreign 101 mins

This 1980 French film features Isabelle Huppert as a restless young woman who ditches her boring, tempramental boyfriend for a wild, leather-clad bad boy (played by an incandescent, youthful Gerard Depardieu).

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Guy Marchand

as André

Bernard Tronczak

as Rémy (as Bernard Tronczyk)

Willy Safar

as Jean-Louis

Jean-Claude Meilland

as Jean-Claude, le gars du casse


Arlette Langmann

Arlette Langmann Scenario Writer

Maurice Pialat

Maurice Pialat Adaptation

Yves Peyrot

Yves Peyrot Executive Producer

Yves Gasser

Yves Gasser Producer

Pierre-William Glenn

Pierre-William Glenn Director of Photography

Jacques Loiseleux

Jacques Loiseleux Director of Photography

Alain Alitbol

Alain Alitbol Production Design

Max Berto

Max Berto Production Design

Jean-Pierre Sarrazin

Jean-Pierre Sarrazin Production Design

Dorothée Nonn

Dorothée Nonn Costume Design

Daniel Messère

Daniel Messère Production Manager

International Releases Dates

Canada 08 September 1980

Germany 03 April 1981

France 03 September 1980

United States 08 October 1980

Production Companies

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