The Convict Killer Trailer

The Convict Killer Trailer (1980)

27 February 1980 Action, Foreign 96 mins

Teng Piao (Ti Lung) went to jail for fifteen years on a frame up for drug smuggling. Now that he's out, along with his iron chain, Teng Piao is hungry for revenge. The man he wants to beat with his chain is Black Leopard Lam Fei. The problem for Teng Piao is that he doesn't know who he is, only that he has a picture of a black leopard tattooed on his chest.

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Ti Lung

as Teng Piao/Iron Chain

Jason Pai Piao

as Zhou Bai

Lau Wing

as Tao Kuo-Cheng

Ching Li

as Shang Lin

Cheng Miu

as Boss Lan Fei/Black Leopard

Manor Chan Man-Na

as Gui Lan-Fang

Ngaai Fei

as Captain Ji

Walter Tso Tat-Wah

as Zhou Yi-Shan

Ku Kuan-Chung

as Song Yue/White Fan

Yeung Chi-Hing

as Inn-keeper Jin

Wong Yung

as Zhou Zhi-Pei

Austin Wai

as Xiao Tong

Yuen Bun

as Zhou Bai's bodyguard

Dick Wei

as Lan Fei's assassin

Wong Mei-Mei

as Md Mei/Cold-faced Plum Blossom

Chiang Nan

as Peng Fu


Chor Yuen


Hsing-lung Chiang

Hsing-lung Chiang Editorial Coordinator

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 27 February 1980

Production Companies

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