Tuan Besar Trailer

Tuan Besar Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980 Comedy 99 mins

Mr. Wahid served as General Manager at a construction company. Employees consisting of cleaners, cooks, clerks and employees of the dwarf. The company has bought a piece of land to build a house, but the sites are occupied by a young widow named Rokiah, and his sister Jamilah. Mr. Wahid fell in love with Rokiah, while Rokiah sister, Jamilah love with Mr. Wahid son named James. Mr. Wahid finally prohibit Jamilah maintain ties with his son James. Mr. Wahid has been known to act by Yusni and Mak Enon which intended to report the matter to Tuan Besar, the actual owner of the company.

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Wahid Satay

as Tuan Wahid

Yusni Jaafar

as Tukang cuci

Mak Enon

as Tukang masak

Ogy Ahmad Daud

as Jamilah

Ruminah Sidek

as Rokiah


as Param

Zahari Zabidi

as Tuan Besar


International Releases Dates

Malaysia 01 January 1980

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