UFO Rockpalast 2010 Trailer

UFO Rockpalast 2010 Trailer (1980)

29 November 1980

It was the occupation of Phil Mogg, Andy Parker, Neil Carter Pete Way and Paul Chapman, performed as in the UFO on 29/11/1980 in Dortmund Westfalenhalle - Michael Schenker was already back out, had the band in which he played since 1973, two years before leaving again. The classics, for the one you love UFO today but all were already published that have not yet reached a little more focused on more pop songs phase of the early eighties, and then Englishman present in this WDR Rockpalast recording in very good shape and as a bone-dry , no-frills hard rock band, impressed their game and songwriting even 30 years later. Especially the hits "Lights out", "rock bottom" and "Doctor, Doctor" ensure goosebumps. Sound and image (of course 4:3) in public service TV quality guarantee best entertainment, and only the lean Ausstatttung is somewhat disappointing: Were there no interviews, no backstage footage? An excellent live document of an exceptional band.

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Germany 29 November 1980

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