Fracchia The Human Beast Trailer

Fracchia The Human Beast Trailer (1981)

22 December 1981 99 mins

The world's greatest criminal and the world greatest loser share the same face... now they'll share the same life!

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Paolo Villaggio

as Giandomenico Fracchia / La Belva Umana

Lino Banfi

as Commissario Auricchio

Anna Mazzamauro

as Signorina Corvino

Sandro Ghiani

as De Simone

Antonio Allocca

as Ufficiale dei Carabinieri

Jole Silvani

as Palmira (as Iole Silvani)

Fiammetta Baralla

as Cicciona che fa footing

Ugo Bologna

as Direttore della banca

Giulio Farnese

as Controllore dell'Aldilà

Renzo Rinaldi

as Colonnello dei Carabinieri

Renato Cecchetto

as Comandante della Digos

Gigi Reder

as Madre della Belva Umana

Gianni Agus

as Dott. Orimbelli


Fred Bongusto

Original Music Composer

Alberto Spagnoli

Alberto Spagnoli Cinematography

Mario Ambrosino

Mario Ambrosino Costume Design

Gianni D'Amico

Gianni D'Amico Sound Editor

Salvatore Gallo

Salvatore Gallo Production Accountant

International Releases Dates

Italy 22 December 1981

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