Francisca Trailer

Francisca Trailer (1981)

03 December 1981 Drama, Action, Thriller 166 mins

The life of a young man, son of an English officer who lets himself become a prisoner of love resulting in fatalism and disgrace.

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Teresa Menezes

as Francisca "Fanny" Owen

Diogo Dória

as José Augusto

Nuno Carinhas

as Marcelino de Matos

Glória de Matos

as Rita Owen

Lia Gama

as D. Josefa

João Guedes

as Marques

Adelaide João

as Clotilde

Teresa Madruga

as Franzina

Rui Mendes

as Manuel Negrão

Antonio Caldeira Pires

as José de Melo

Sílvia Rato

as Maria Owen

Eduardo Viana

as Vieira de Castro


Paulo Branco

Paulo Branco Executive Producer

António-Pedro Vasconcelos

António-Pedro Vasconcelos Executive Producer

Elso Roque

Elso Roque Cinematography

Joao Paes

Original Music Composer

Eduardo Anahory

Eduardo Anahory Set Decoration

Antonio Casimiro

Antonio Casimiro Set Decoration

Rita Azevedo Gomes

Rita Azevedo Gomes Costume Design

Francisco Couto

Francisco Couto Hairstylist

Paula Raimundo

Paula Raimundo Makeup Artist

Maria Teresa Rosado

Maria Teresa Rosado Makeup Artist

Ricardo Cordeiro

Ricardo Cordeiro Production Manager

Jean-Paul Mugel

Jean-Paul Mugel Sound Director

International Releases Dates

Portugal 03 December 1981

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