Las aventuras de Zipi y Zape Trailer

Las aventuras de Zipi y Zape Trailer (1981)

01 June 1981

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Mary Santpere

as Tía Aniceta

Alfred Lucchetti

as Don Minervo

Marta Angelat

as Doña Jaimita Zapatilla

Joan Monleón

as Don Pantuflo Zapatilla

Berta Cabré

as Chica Gángster

Carles Velat

as Listo - Gángster 1

Damià Barbany

as Gángster jefe

Enric Pous

as Bruto - Gangster 2

Mateo Fortuny

as Mateo Fortuny

Marc de Semir

as Oliveiro

Amparo Moreno

as Tomasa

Amparo Moreno

as Portero de la escuela

Carles Lloret

as Bautista


José Gusi

José Gusi Director of Photography

Enrique Guevara

Enrique Guevara Screenstory

Ricard Reguant

Ricard Reguant Screenstory

José Escobar

José Escobar Characters

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 June 1981

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