Number Please? The Movie Trailer

Number Please? The Movie Trailer (1981)

"Excuse me! (Hoesê!)" 27 November 1981 Comedy 88 mins

"Hoesê!" This is a film based on the South African sitcom by the same name; such name referring to the manual telephone system operated by one of the cast. In addition to the usual (mostly mature) cast, pretty girl Zoli Marki muddles things up. Add to this a mix-up with a heyday homelands casino for further comedy and confusion.

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Alex Heyns

as Fasie de Waal

Miems de Bruyn

as Kriekie de Waal

Johan van der Merwe

as Jan de Waal

Benn Potgieter

as Oom Thysie

Francis Coertze

as Tant Annie

Hannah Botha

as Lissie Rademeyer

Klaas de Boer

as Dr. Hans

Sann de Lange

as Tant Betta

Kristie Herbst

as Belinda

Hennie Smit

as Dawie

Chris van Niekerk

as Kallie Rademeyer

Zoli Marki

as Rina

International Releases Dates

South Africa 27 November 1981

Production Companies

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