The Scandalous Affairs of Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon Trailer

The Scandalous Affairs of Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon Trailer (1981)

25 April 1981 Drama 126 mins

The life of Mr. Kettle, an executive of a single bank in a small provincial English town Brickmill, is strictly organized: 7 a.m. stand up, then breakfast, at 9 a.m. work, at 13 p.m. diner, then work, at 18 p.m.- the end of a workday, then club, home, sleep. But one dull English morning almost having reached his work, he stops near a shop window, trading toys. How is Mrs. Twigg, Kettle's housekeeper amazed when she sees seem at home with bags and hears him saying that he is not intended to go to work any longer. This is the day when Mr. Kettle suddenly meets his love, and after a series of funny and tragic situations both choose a new life free and joyful.

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Yuriy Solomin

as George Kettle

Nina Korniyenko

as Delia Moon

Nelli Kornienko

as Delia Moon

Yevgeni Vesnik

as Hardaker

Aleksandr Vokach

as Henry Moon

Tatyana Pankova

as Mrs. Twigg

Boris Ivanov

as Klinton

Boris Klyuev

as Kettle's secretary

International Titles

Skandalnoye Proishestviye v Brikmille Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 25 April 1981

United States 10 October 1980

Production Companies

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