Bosveld Hotel .... Die Moewie Trailer

Bosveld Hotel .... Die Moewie Trailer (1982)

26 November 1982 Comedy 90 mins

Hans van Rensburg and Gert Kruger declare ware against Trans-Afrika Mynontwikkelings because they want to change the bushveld into a minedump. The manager of the mine Hannetjie Kruger (Gert's ex wife) tries everything to subtly change oom Hans and Gert's mind...

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Danie Smuts

as Hans van Rensburg

Zack du Plessis

as Gert Kruger

Marie Pentz

as Tilla Nel

Tromp Terre'blanche

as Jurg Lombaard

Hennie Oosthuizen

as Martiens le Roux

Margaret Webb

as Engeltjie van Rensburg

Christine Basson

as Willemien Nel

At Botha

as Dr. Wynand Nel

Sandra Ferreira

as Hannetjie Kruger

Org Smal

as Buster Bruwer

Koos Strauss

as Dimpels Bezuidenhout

Jan Bruyns

as Joop van Rensburg

Theunis van Rooyen

as Henri van Rooyen

International Titles

Die Bosveldhotel Trailer

International Releases Dates

South Africa 26 November 1982

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