Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Trailer

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Trailer (1982)

"Laugh...or I’ll blow your lips off!" 21 May 1982 Comedy, Mystery 85 mins

Juliet Forrest is convinced that the reported death of her father in a mountain car crash was no accident. Her father was a prominent cheese scientist working on a secret recipe. To prove it was murder, she enlists the services of private eye Rigby Reardon. He finds a slip of paper containing a list of people who are "The Friends and Enemies of Carlotta."

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Steve Martin

as Rigby Reardon

Rachel Ward

as Juliet Forrest

Carl Reiner

as Juliets Butler/Feldmarschall Wilfried von Kluck

Reni Santoni

as Carlos Rodriguez

Alan Ladd

as (in "This Gun For Hire") (archive footage)

Barbara Stanwyck

as (in "Sorry - Wrong Number") (archive footage)

Ray Milland

as (in "The Lost Weekend") (archive footage)

Ava Gardner

as (in "The Killers" / "The Bribe") (archive footage)

Burt Lancaster

as (in "The Killers") (archive footage)

Humphrey Bogart

as (in "The Big Sleep" / "In a Lonely Place" / "Dark Passage") (archive footage)

Cary Grant

as (in "Suspicion") (archive footage)

Ingrid Bergman

as (in "Notorious") (archive footage)

Veronica Lake

as (in "The Glass Key") (archive footage)

Bette Davis

as (in "Deception") (archive footage)

Lana Turner

as (in "Johnny Eager" / "The Postman Always Rings Twice") (archive footage)

Edward Arnold

as (in "Johnny Eager") (archive footage)


Carl Reiner


Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman Director of Photography

Edith Head

Edith Head Costume Design

International Titles

A holtak nem koptatják ruhájukat Trailer

Halottak nem viselnek kockás öltönyt Trailer

Il mistero del cadavere scomparso Trailer

Döda män klär inte i rutigt Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 14 October 1982

Brazil 19 July 1982

United Kingdom 21 May 1982

Portugal 30 December 1983

United States 21 May 1982

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