Diner Trailer

Diner Trailer (1982)

"Suddenly, life was more than French fries, gravy, and girls." 02 April 1982 Drama, Comedy 110 mins

Set in 1959, Diner shows how five young men resist their adulthood and seek refuge in their beloved Diner. The mundane, childish, and titillating details of their lives are shared. But the golden moments pass, and the men shoulder their responsibilities, leaving the Diner behind.

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Steve Guttenberg

as Edward 'Eddie' Simmons

Daniel Stern

as Laurence 'Shrevie' Schreiber

Mickey Rourke

as Robert 'Boogie' Sheftell

Kevin Bacon

as Timothy Fenwick Jr.

Tim Daly

as William 'Billy' Howard

Ellen Barkin

as Beth Schreiber

Paul Reiser

as Modell

Jessica James

as Mrs. Simmons

Colette Blonigan

as Carol Heathrow

Kelle Kipp

as Diane

Richard Pierson

as David Frazer

Claudia Cron

as Jane Chisholm

Tait Ruppert

as Methan


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson Executive Producer

Peter Sova

Peter Sova Cinematography

Leon Harris

Leon Harris Art Direction

R. Chris Westlund

R. Chris Westlund Set Decoration

Gloria Gresham

Gloria Gresham Costume Design

Irving Buchman

Irving Buchman Makeup Artist

Christine George

Christine George Hairstylist

Ken Swor

Ken Swor Unit Production Manager

Larry Clark Bird

Larry Clark Bird Property Master

International Titles

American Diner Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 June 2007

United States 02 April 1982

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